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May 1, 2015Allison Murray
Manage laundry time with less stress!

Manage laundry time with less stress!a

In my family we all have a “Clothes Mountain”. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a place where clean clothes pile up and pile up until it becomes a landmark within the home. My Clothes Mountain is always on my love seat. Out of the dryer clean clothes come to be promptly deposited onto the first piece of furniture I pass besides the kitchen table. I eat at that table and a huge pile of clothes is not going to be messing with my grubbing down. Not going to sugarcoat it, I HATE doing the laundry. Everything about it is awful. You have to touch lots of dirty stuff with your hands, and you have to babysit the washer and dryer and then there is all of that folding and putting stuff back up. Just not my cup of tea.


Manage laundry time with less stress!

But if you twist my arm I can say that there is some good stuff to be said about laundry. When you find a scent that is ah-mazing your clothes and towels and everything smells so great. That’s pretty worth it. And can you imagine your favorite tee shirt smelling like a super unique scent of ginger mango or fresh clover, spring garden and beach sage? I was pretty excited (mostly for the ginger mango, honestly) to see these scents available by method laundry detergent when heading down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, I like the traditional laundry scents too but I love to mix things up and maybe even get seasonal with scents! For my upcoming beach days this summer wouldn’t it be fun if I used the beach sage scent? Theme laundry! Love it!

Manage laundry time with less stress!
Seriously, those are my towels (plus two hanging up on the hook by the shower). I’m only one person… how many towels do I need?! By having less I have to be better about keeping up with washing them. That means no huge pile of towels to wash every few weeks!

Let’s get back to bringing down your  anxiety level a bit (because having your hair pulled out is not an attractive look!), with my ways to stress less about my laundry. Unless I’m recouping from having company, I’m able to keep up with my laundry these days and it is amazing! I’ll share with you how! Take what you want and leave the rest behind!

  • If you have the closet space, I’d highly recommend hanging as much of your clothes as you can. With the exception of underthings, socks, pajamas and shorts everything I have is hung up in the closet because tossing a clean shirt on a hanger is so much easier than folding it and tucking away into the dresser.
  • Put something you absolutely must have in the very last load you do. Your sheets to go to bed that night or your skirt for work early in the morning. If there’s something that will cause a problem by not being done you’re going to make sure that gets done.
  • Send your fancy stuff off. I know it can be expensive to have things dry cleaned but some things I stress so hard about ruining or are just way too hard for me to get ironed and looking right that I send them out and then bring them home to hang straight into the closet.
  • Keep separate hampers for the different types of loads. I only separate into 4 types which everybody thinks is crazy but it works for me! I have bleachables, lights, darks and delicates. When everything is all clumped together I’ll sometimes pass on doing laundry because I either don’t have the time to mess with sorting it all out or because I just don’t feel like it. And we go back to the fact that this stuff is dirty stuff. Yuck. When things are already read to go for me it’s so much easier to just toss it all straight into the washer and get it going. You can even teach kids to divide their stuff out.
  • Scale down to what you need. For years and years I’ve had an entire linen cabinet FULL of towels. You know what happened? I would use towels until I’d run out and then I would a good 4 or 5 loads of laundry just to get them all back into the cabinet to start all over again. Now I have as many towels as I can easily fit under the sink plus the 2 I have out because I’m using them. Sure there are beach towels in the linen cabinet but going from many to few, I’m staying on top of the towels instead of having a terry cloth washin’ marathon.
  • Same goes with clothes. If it doesn’t fit, donate it. If you don’t wear it, donate it. If you have an absolute ton of something pare it down to what you need. This is something I’ve always tried to do but have really taken to heart this year. My closet has scaled back tons (except for shoes, I just, well I can’t go there) but I don’t forget about that cute top I bought because I can actually see it hanging every time I open my closet doors.

Ooh, and for all you fashionistas out there, check out ASOS and method Detergent together! Smell and look pretty at the same time. Fabulous! AND keep your eyes peeled! I’m going to be taking a thrift store find and turning it into something fabulous in both appearances and smell with method detergent. It will be quite exciting!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Mike

    May 4, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    Hahaha! What a fun post Allison! It sure does sound like you have the laundry chore down to a “science”, as they say. You are so organized! I’ll be honest with you. I feel the opposite of how you do about doing the laundry. I actually enjoy doing it! The way I figure it, the washers and dryers do most of the work, making it one of the easiest of chores that I have to do. Now I’m not particularly fond of doing dishes, especially when my family doesn’t properly clean their plates like they should and leave all sort of nasty “mayonnaise-like” crap on their plates and their bowls (I can’t stand mayonnaise type food). But doing dishes is SO boring! It takes forever and unlike my other chores, I just stand there scrubbing away, not moving around like when I vacuum or dust (which I do enjoy doing). Even when I put music on it’s dull. But what’s cool about doing the laundry for me is that it gives me an excuse to spend 2-3 hours reading one of my books and listen to my Bach or Vivaldi on my music player while I babysit the machines. My neighbors find it strange that I sit in our laundry room while they usually just dump their clothes in the machines and then leave. I find that strange though because if they were in an actual Laundromat, I doubt that they would go somewhere and leave their stuff like that. When I first moved into our apartment building, I was really worried that someone would “vandalize” my laundry if I left it for even a second. But after living here for 2 years, that fear sort of faded away. Everyone’s pretty cool here. But I still like sitting in the laundry room, for the reasons that I stated above. Plus, I just want to be different from everyone else. So far, I think I’m the only one here that sits in the room and waits. Yeah, I can be “strange” like that sometimes. :)

    But it sounds like you do your laundry the same way as me Allison. I split mine into basically 3 different loads: whites (which may also include very light colors that don’t “bleed” as I rarely, if ever, use bleach in my wash), colors, and blacks, which I own more than any other color. Priority things (like if I need a pair of pants clean for the workday the following day, I make sure that those go on top. Things that don’t need immediate attention stay at the bottom. Sometimes I only do half of the laundry one day and then finish it the next day if I am pressed for time, hence, the need for me to coordinate what things go on the top of my basket. And like you, I too share the issue of having a “mountain” of dirty laundry that tends to pile up at the end of the week! Sometimes I do what I call a “mid-week” washing (like on Wednesday or Thursday) if the mountain gets too high, but mostly I do it on Saturday after work or on Sunday. And it also depends on whether I have money on my laundry card or not. See, like an actual Laundromat, our place requires us to purchase a card (for $5) and then we have to put cash money on it so that we can use it in our machines ($1.25 to wash; $1 to dry), which kind of sucks but whatever. It needs to be done so they have us on that one.

    And you did mention the one annoying thing that I have about doing the laundry; putting all that stuff away! Though not as bad as having to put dishes away (did I mention how much I HATE doing dishes?), this tedious task of folding and putting away laundry I could surely do without. But I follow your lead Allison. My shirts and pants all go in the closet so I can have easy access in the morning (when I’m still groggy), socks and other personal items go in my dresser drawers and the towels and wash rags go on the bathroom racks or in the linen closet in our place. The whole folding process takes a good 20 minutes to accomplish. Not the best part about doing laundry but I suck it up and get it done.

    I used to have two baskets in which I separated my laundry (a white one for the whites and a color one for the colors and darks). But when we moved into our apartment, it just got to be too much and we were trying to cut down on clutter so I reduced myself to just one basket.

    But how awesome is this?! We’re talking about how we do our laundry! I love your blog Allison! It’s so cool!! I’m glad that I found it! Stay awesome! :)

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