Melted Crayon Pumpkin Craft

Share402Pin632Tweet1.0K Shares   I’m all about rainbows. I think they are fun and I think they are pretty. They are also definitely magical. There will always be a little girl inside of me that thinks rainbows and unicorns are the absolute frickin’ best. And I don’t think I’m alone :) I’ve long seen crayon art, or drip art, but never actually tried it. There’s something about it that I have always found really, really interesting but in the end I never did try it out. I guess I was mostly inspired by my lovely friend Alexa who is the first I saw work the melting crayon art on onto a pumpkin over at her site The Swell Designer. Now I had also seen a few craft fails about this exact project and that made me a little bit nervous but I have to tell you, lots of times those craft fails that can be totally misleading. I’ve seen it happen with my own projects and I have to tell you, oftentimes the people who fail don’t actually follow the directions. I was still nervous but in the end it worked out really, really well. I mean, it’s so fun and colorful and RAINBOWS! So head on over to Mom Spark to check out how to make your own melted crayon pumpkin. Oh, but be sure to protect your work surface because the wax is gonna fly! DIG THIS POST? YOU MIGHT LOVE THESE, TOO: An InLinkz Link-up