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July 10, 2013Allison Murray

I’ve been keeping an eye on fellow blogger and crafter Erica at Caught on a Whim for a while now. You know how sometimes you can tell that there’s something special about someone even if you can’t pinpoint it at first glance? Well, that’s the way I’ve felt about Miss Erica and her adorable blog. She’s talented, she’s candid and she’s got a fun sense of style.

I’m so pleased to introduce you to Erica from Caught on a Whim.

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

Caught on a Whim is just over a year old. What made you decide to start a crafty blog?


I dreamed about having a blog for YEARS. (True story.) They are such a great creative outlet. One day, I  finally decided to take the leap and start one! I was very excited to join the inspiring online crafting community and to be able to contribute to it in my own way. It’s been a really fun journey!

How did you choose the name, Caught on a Whim?

I think the hardest part of starting my blog was picking out the name.  I was stumped for a long time. I wanted something I would love and not get tired of. While I was brainstorming, I carried a notebook around to jot down words or phrases that popped into my head. It’s funny to see all the random things that jumped into my head at the time. After a while, I kept coming back to the Caught on a Whim phrase, so I knew it was a good fit.

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

You’re becoming quite an accomplished sewist! What made you decide to start sewing your own apparel?

I’m having a lot of fun learning to sew! The main reason I want to make my own clothes is so that I can create my own sense of style. I don’t want to feel limited by what the fashion industry and retailers tell me I should wear. It’s been fun to see trends and interpret them in my own way. Over time, I’m wanting to replace my store bought wardrobe with a handmade one. There is something so special about wearing unique items you’ve made for yourself.

Any suggestions or tips for someone who wants to start sewing, but may be a bit nervous about it?

Sure! I was pretty nervous about sewing when I first started.  The biggest thing I’ve realized is that you can pretty much accomplish anything as long as you have the desire and curiosity to pursue it. Start with simple patterns first and then progress from there. Also, don’t get stressed out if things don’t work out exactly right all the time. I’ve found that even when things don’t work out the first time, there is usually a solution to make them work out in the long run. The seam ripper has been my best friend lately.  ;)

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

What is the sewing project you are the most proud of?

Right now, I’m loving my floral Laurel dress. It’s the most complicated project I’ve done so far, and involved sewing my first zipper!  I’m really pleased with how it turned out and have been wearing it a lot lately. There is something so classic and lovely about the shape of the shift dress. You can just throw it on and instantly look chic.

If you could only craft with one medium for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Oh, goodness! That’s a hard one. I’d probably go with crochet. It’s the craft I’ve been doing the longest and is the one I always go back to. I love that it’s so portable. I can easily keep a ball of yarn and a crochet hook in my bag and be set to be crafty no matter where I am. I can sit on the couch, lounge outside or even get a few rows in while I’m on break at work. I love how you can crochet pretty much anywhere.  That is a crafty gal’s dream! 

Is there a new type of craft that you’re dying to check out? What is it?

Right now, I’m pretty focused on learning to sew, but next up I’d like to learn to knit. I’ve crocheted for years and years, but put a pair of knitting needles in my hands and I’m clueless. It’s about time I’ve mastered that skill too! Maybe next year… hmmm…..

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

Do you have a favorite holiday or season to craft for?

Christmas is the best, because I always like to make a few handmade gifts for everyone. Handmade gifts are extra special because you make the item specifically for that one person while keeping their tastes, loves and needs in mind. Seeing everyone’s faces light up on Christmas day when they open their presents never gets old. Last year, I made my mom and sisters crochet cowls like the one I’m wearing here. They loved them!

What craft project(s) are you most proud of?

I’m a total nerd at heart, so I’m in love with my Nerdy Chic Book Clutch. It was such a fun project to dream up and create. I also get tons of compliments on it. I’m hoping to make a new version of it soon with some fancy additions, so stay tuned!

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

Besides crafting, what are your other interests?

I’m a crazy dog lady, so I love spending time with my pups. My husband and I also enjoy hiking. We live in the mountains and like to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. I am also working to be more thrifty, so every month I try to get out to a thrift store or two and see what treasures I can find. It’s amazing the things people throw away sometimes. I couldn’t believe it when I scored this beautiful silk scarf!

What do you do when you aren’t crafting (job, homemaker, student)?

While by night I’m a crafty gal extraordinaire, by day I’m an office manager for a law firm.  Since my day job isn’t too creative, it’s nice to come home and have crafting and blogging as creative outlets.

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

Why do you craft blog?

I started my blog to help keep me inspired to live a crafty lifestyle. I figured having a blog would give me the motivation to make things, because I’d want to share them with my readers. So far, it’s worked like a charm! I can’t seem to stop making stuff now!

Any advice you can give to aspiring craft bloggers?

I think the best advice is to go for it! Start a blog and share your vision with everyone. Don’t worry about it being perfect, you’ll learn and grow with every project and post. My blog is constantly changing and evolving over time.  

Also, one of the best things about blogging is the community.  So reach out to other bloggers and get involved.  One of the biggest surprises I’ve come across through blogging is how many online friendships I’ve made. Not a lot of my real life friends are the crafty type, so it’s nice to have the online blogging community where I can share ideas, ask questions and learn new things. It is amazing how blogs can connect crafty people from all over the world.

Blogger Interview at ::  Erica from Caught on a Whim

Anything else you’d like the readers of Dream a Little Bigger to know?

A little known fact about me is that I used to perform with a modern dance company. We had a lot of fun creating works, performing and touring. Right now, I’m seriously addicted to the T.V. show So You Think You Can Dance. It has me wanting to get back into some dance classes. Hopefully, I can still touch my toes. ;)

Thanks so much, Erica for an excellent and candid interview! If you haven’t clicked through, yet – head on over to Caught on a Whim and take a peek at Erica’s many DIY posts and follow along on her journey to becoming an excellent sewist!


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  • Stephanie

    July 13, 2013 at 5:56 AM

    So great to learn more about Erica! It's such a joy to see all the beautiful projects she creates. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

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