How to make a zipper bracelet

August 10, 2016Ama Ryllis

diy zipper bracelet 1

as I like sewing I’ve got a lot of supplies in my craft room. Some I bought just in case I will need them, and some other I collected from old clothes. This means I’m always on the look of a good idea to upcycle what I already have. Today, I will show you how to make a pretty bracelet out of a zipper.

diy zipper bracelet 2

You will need a metallic zipper of at least 6 inches long. No problem if it’s longer, you will cut it at your wrist size. A pair of scissors, pliers, a lighter, a jewelry clamp, a set of clasp and jewelry rings.

diy zipper bracelet 3

Use the scissors to trim the fabric on both side along the zipper.

diy zipper bracelet 4

Carefully pass the flame of a lighter along the edges to avoid fabric to fray. Don’t let it to long to not burn the fabric. If you don’t feel comfortable playing with fire, you can add some fabric glue on the edges instead.

diy zipper bracelet 5

Use pliers to fix the clasp with a ring on the zipper end.

diy zipper bracelet 6

Measure your wrist and cut the zipper at the accurate dimension. Use the pliers to fix the jewelry clamp on the zipper end. Attach the clasp ring on it. And done! Use different zipper colors to make more fun bracelets. You can have a look HERE for other jewelry tutorials.

diy zipper bracelet 7

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