How to make a sugar skull flower crown

October 8, 2017Ama Buffin

As Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of the costume you like to wear. Because I love Dia de Los Muertos celebration and it’s easy to make, I was thinking of wearing a sugar skull costume. Basically you just need a long black dress, some make-up and a flower crown. As I’m not qualified to give a sugar skull make-up tutorial, I choose to show you how to make a beautiful sugar skull flower crown with a few simple materials.

Material you will need to create a flower crown:

  • several colors of tissues paper
  • 10-15 black pipe cleaners
  • 5 yards of ribbons
  • hairband
  • scissors
  • a glue gun

To make a paper flower you will need a piece of tissue paper and a pipe cleaner. Cut 6 squares of 6 inches side in the paper.

Place the squares on top of each others and fold them. Start from the edge and fold in over 1/2 inch. Then flip it over and fold it back on the other side. Continue folding your way up the paper.

Once you are done folding, you can make the flower center and the stem by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the center of the paper piece. Cut rounded edges on each end of the folded paper.

Gently open up the flower folds and begin pulling the top layer straight up, separate the other layers by pulling them straight up also. Be careful not to rip the paper.

If you want to add a little color to the flower, you can paint the edge of the petals with some water colors.

Make about 15 flowers of different sizes. To give you an idea, the big flowers are made with 6 inches square papers, the medium with 3 inches squares and the small ones with 2 inches square paper.

To attach the flowers on the hairband you just have to wrap the stem around it. Don’t hesitate to cut the pipe cleaner if it’s to long. Place the bigger flowers in the center of the hairband and the smaller ones on the sides.

Finish by adding some ribbons. Choose some colorful ribbons, cut them to have a 20 inches lenght and glue them on each side of the hairband.

And done, your sugar skull flower crown is ready! Note that it also work if you want to wear a Frida Kahlo costume! Any other idea of how to wear a flower crown?

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