How to make a spiky planter

October 22, 2017Ama Ryllis

Each time I run to the hardware store to get material, I came out with an extra plant I wasn’t planning to buy. Since I manage to keep most of my plants alive and growing, I became a real plant lady. The more plants you have the more planters you need… So when I come across a nice planter I bought several, for the future plants I will buy….It’s a circle that never end!!! As possible I like to customize planters too, it gives a personal touch and it’s more budget friendly! I’m so exited to share with you this fun way to turn a plain plastic pot into a spiky planter.

Material you will need:

  • a white plastic planter
  • plaster
  • ice cube mold
  • a glue gun

Mix the plaster in a container following the package instruction. Fill the ice cube mold with the plaster. Try to fill each space with the same quantity of plaster to have all the same shapes at the end. Slightly tap the mold to take the air bubbles out of the plaster. Let dry for 24 hours.

When the plaster is solid you can unmold the shapes. Let them dry an other 24 hours. It’s very important to have completely dry pieces if you want them to stick on the planter.

Once the plaster is completely dry, you can glue the shapes on the planter. Put some hot glue on the planter and press the plaster shape on it, hold a few second and repeat for next shape. Start to glue the row next to the top, then continue with the following lines. Most likely the shapes will not fit perfectly into a row. So you can space them a little, or trim the bottom of one shape to fit the last gap.

And tadam, done! Put a plant in it and enjoy! I like white planter, but you can also spray paint the all thing if you like an other color! Don’t you think turquoise will look amazing?

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