How to make a scalloped flower vase

May 14, 2017Ama Ryllis

It’s always nice to have flowers in the house. I don’t receive or buy them very often but when it happen I like to put them in a nice vase. I only have a few, and they all are in transparent glass. Of course they match with any flower color but they are not very fun. So here is an easy craft to turn any jar into a pretty vase. You can use any paper color you like or even mix different shades for a dramatic effect. It’s very affordable to make so it’s also a nice option if you plan on making several center table pieces for a party or a wedding.

Material you will need to make a scalloped vase: A glass jar, paper, scissors or cutter, a glue gun, a small round container, and optionally, some paint.


Grab a small glass and use it as template to draw circle on your paper sheet, then cut the circles out. You need to make a bunch of them, as example, I used like 40 paper circles to cover my jar.

I wanted to add a little glow, so I apply gold paint on one edge of each circle. The gold color works find with this brown paper. If you picked and other paper color, try to use a paint with a similar shade.

Use the glue gun to fix the circles on your jar. Start to glue the first row next to the opening. Then keep gluing circles, one row at the time, down to the bottom of the jar.

Before gluing the last circle row, next to the bottom, trim the circles a little. So they will fit nicely on the bottom edge. And done! Carefully fill your vase with water and add your favorite flowers. As the vase is made out of paper, it won’t last forever. But it’s a nice way to turn any glass jar into a cute temporary vase! I hope you will enjoy it!

If you like recycled crafts, you may want to have a look at those hanging vases.

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