How to make a round coin purse

May 28, 2017Ama Ryllis

Summer holidays just start, time for outdoor activities! As much as I would love walking around carrying a nice fashion purse, with kids it’s just impossible. I always end up with a backpack full of stuff: sun screen, hats, sun glasses, drinks and snacks if they are thirsty or hungry, some Kleenex…And if we go to the beach you can add towels and sand toys! I usually don’t carry my wallet with me, I’m to afraid to loose it or forget it somewhere. I just put some money in a small purse, and eventually my ID. So I don’t have to worry about loosing bank cards and other licenses, but we can still get an ice cream! Today I will show you how to make a nice round purse, it’s a fun craft and you don’t even need a sewing machine.

Material you will need: Faux leather, fabric, embroidery thread, a needle, scissors, a bowl, a fabric pencil, some paper clips.


Take a bowl and draw two circles on the back of the leather fabric. Cut them out.

The first circle will be use to make the back of the purse. Take the second circle, trace a line at one third of the diameter and cut. You will use the bigger piece to make the front of the purse.

Use the small piece as a shape to draw the flap of your coin purse on the fabric. Draw the rounded part, then flip the shape to draw a second identical rounded part in front of it, to form an eye shape. If like me you choose a fabric how tend to fray, apply a self-adhesive interfacing fabric on the back. It will prevent it to fray and will strength the flap fabric.

Place the two leather pieces on top of each other and start sewing the edges. You can hold the pieces together with paper clips.

I made blanket edges stitches, which are quite simple and gives a nice finish look. You start making a regular stitch, and before pulling the thread you pass it back into the loop.

Add the flap and keep sewing all around until you came back to your starting point. Finish with a knot and pass the extra thread lenght inside the purse.

Add a button or a snap fastener to be able to close your purse. And done, enjoy your new and practical coin purse!

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