How to make a kid’s night light

October 12, 2016Ama Buffin


My kids are afraid of the dark and I’m sure most of the children does. Even if the windows blinds are not completely closed, they want some extra lighting. So we use to let the bedroom’s door open and the night hall light on. We have to be very quiet until they fall asleep. As you can imagine, a more practical solution was required! So, I will show you how to turn a LED cord light and an embroidery loop into a nice night light! It takes 30 minutes to make and you can customize it using the fabric you like. A good idea can be to use some scrap fabric from the curtains, it will match perfectly the room decor.


Here goes the material: fabric, embroidery loop (a 10 inches for me, but any size will work), a LED cord light, some ribbon, a glue gun and scissors.


Take the inner loop and use the glue gun to fix the battery case on it. Remember that you will have to change the batteries at some point, so place it a way that will make it easy to do. Glue the cord light inside the loop, try to have the light bulbs distributed over the entire circle.


Take the bigger loop and attach a ribbon with a knot. You can also make a bow tie with the same ribbon, it will give your night light a nicer finish.


Take the small loop and cut a piece of fabric a little bigger than the loop. If you use a fabric with a large pattern, try to center the design in the loop circle.


Fix the fabric by putting the big loop back in place, around the small one. You can add some glue if you like to. I didn’t use any and it works fine. Trim the extra fabric.


Glue the bow tie on top of the circle, and hang your cute night light in the kid’s room.


And also a picture at night thereafter. If you want more details and pictures about my daughter bedroom, you can have a look at this post.


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