How to make a cord choker wrap necklace

January 8, 2017Ama Ryllis


Let’s start the year by pleasing our self and make a pretty necklace! We will never have too many accessories, it’s an easy way to add a little fun to any outfit. I like choker wrap necklaces. They have a bohemian look that is easy to wear. The problem with wrap necklace is that it always slips and you have to put them back in place quite often … and every other time I get stuck with it! I hope you understand what I mean and that it does not only happen to me! So I will show you a way to make a choker wrap necklace that stay in place all day long!

You will need: suede cords, jewelry rings, beads, clasp, flat end caps, scissors and pliers.

I picked brown and beige cord but feel free to use any color you like. Cut two cord pieces at the dimension of your neck to make the choker part of the necklace. Cut four pieces of 17 inches to make both pendant of the necklace.

Attach with a flat end cap two ends of the choker cords and two end of the pendant cords. Press the cap with pliers so all the cords hold well together.

Take the other ends of the choker and fix the others pendant cords with a flat end cap. Add the clasp on each side to be able to close the necklace.

At the end of each pendant side we will add beads and a tassel. I choose to attach several smalls beads together using rings. It will also look nice if you prefer to use one bigger bead on each side in stead.

Put a flat end cap at the end of the cords and attach the beads on it using a small ring.

To make the tassel, cut 8 pieces of cord of 4 inches long and attach them together with a flat cap.

Fix the tassel with the beads using a ring. Repeat the beads assemblage and make a second tassel for the other side. As the cord was wrapped for quite a long time on the reel, it doesn’t stay straight. So I iron the tassel, medium heat, to have a clean look. And done, ready to wear you new necklace! If you like tassel necklaces, you may want to have a look at this tutorial.

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