Make a container with scrap fabric

August 24, 2016Ama Ryllis

diy upcycled fabric container 1

No matter if you are a beginner or an experimented seamstress, we all keep scrap fabric in our drawers. Just because some are too pretty to get ride of them. If you don’t have enough fabric left to sew a new clothing piece, you may what to create a colorful container. It’s fun to make and it will provide some storage for your jewelry and small items.

diy upcycled fabric container 2

You will need scrap fabric, white glue, a plastic container and a pair of scissors.


diy upcycled fabric container 3

Cut the fabric into strips of 1 inch width. We work with a plastic bowl of 8 inches diameter. You can use a smaller container if you like, just make the strips narrower.

diy upcycled fabric container 4

Put the glue in a plate and add some water. The proportion is 3/4 of glue for 1/4 of water. Mix until having an homogeneous mixture.

diy upcycled fabric container 5

Place the bowl upside down. Dip a strip into the glue mix and place it on the bowl. Repeat until all the plastic container is covered. If you work with printed fabric, the strips must be wrong side out. That way you will have the fabric’s pattern visible in the inside when your container is done.

diy upcycled fabric container 6

Glue a second layer of strips, this time with the printed fabric outside, to have the fabric’s pattern showing up on the outside of the container. Press a little to have all the strips stick together. Two layers of fabric where enough to cover this bowl, the bigger your container is the more layers of fabric you must add to have enough stiffness.

diy upcycled fabric container 7

Let the fabric dry completely, then remove it from the plastic bowl. Cut the extra fabric to give your container a nice shape. And done! Use it to store your jewelry, coins or any small item. If you have old denim fabric, you may want to try this upcycled basket.

diy upcycled fabric container 8 diy upcycled fabric container 9

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