Make a Mother’s Day Card the Easy Way

April 24, 2014Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

Momma don’t read this post!

I know you’d love to know how to make a Mother’s Day card with Cardstore, and I love you lots and lots but you have to go!

You can check this post out after Mother’s Day but for now click the X!oxo

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a mother though I imagine it must be something akin to a roller coaster. One minute you’re lovin’ on some cute, chubby cheeks and the next minute you’ve got a three year old throwing an embarrassing temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. It’s just got to be crazy.

I know that my Momma couldn’t have had it easy. My sister and I have always been ourselves… meaning we were our own little individuals that didn’t always fit the norm. But my Momma always stood by us and let us be ourselves. And that can’t be easy when you have a child that is puff painting absolutely everything in sight, including telephones and televisions.

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)
P.S. My Momma has got carrying in all the grocery bags on ONE trip down to an art!

We were shuttled to this activity or that, ferried to camp hours and hours away from home and dropped off and picked up every single day when the bus riding bullies decided to “get” the new kids that first ride home. That’s a lot of time spent taking kids some place so that they can do something they enjoy and I have to think it can’t be that much fun for the mother. But they do it. And sometimes there is an emergency ride because your kid just ran into a cinderblock wall and knocked herself out and broke her thumb. That’s gotta be stressful and inconvenient.

And I don’t even want to get into the nasty things that moms have to do. Yep, not going there,  but thanks, Momma for doing it.

Did you watch that video? If your answer is no, go up there and watch it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you. Got it? Good. Now how great was that? Did you shed a little tear? I won’t say anything if you did because I got all sappy, too. And who wouldn’t? Moms are the best. They put their own lives on the back burner to care for these little people that can’t do anything for themselves.

And guess what? Even though I’m in my thirties I still need my mom and I always will. No matter what, she’s there when I need her. Always has been and always will be…

American Greetings put that video together after placing an ad in the classifieds of 14 major newspapers and in 2 sponsored Google ads and received only 24 inquiries into the position. The job for “Rethom, Inc.” (mother spelled backwards) outlined the tasks a mother takes on without giving up the jig that these were all things that moms do every day. Which just goes to show you, MOTHER truly is #WorldsToughestJob. And if you think they missed something in that job description, feel free to let them know.

So don’t you think your mother deserves something a little more than a phone call, or heaven forbid a text message? Give her something she can hold in her hand and keep always. It doesn’t have to be diamonds and it doesn’t have to take you all day, a simple card will suffice. And keep reading for a big discount coupon code for ordering yours!

With Cardstore it couldn’t be easier.

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)

Pick out the card design you like. There are tons and tons. To make my Momma’s more special I wanted one where I could add images. It was easy enough to find because you can sort by what kind of card you want.

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)

To add the pics you just click the area and upload the file from your computer or wherever. There’s my mom wearing a “World’s Best Grandma” hat my nephew got her from the thrift store before she thought about what she had just plonked down on her head. Then with little nephew on a ferris wheel and big nephew (when he was a lot littler :) on the zoo train ride.

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)

Most places you can change the text, including your own notes and signature and saying. On the inside you can change the layout and add more images or a big passage, maybe your favorite quote about motherhood?

Then you review it (that circle is a magnifying glass thingie that you can use to really check things out) and head off to order it. You can have the card sent to you or sent directly to your Momma for about 50 cents more. I did that because I can’t get cards in the mail for anything so that little feature was crazy convenient for me.

So with about 15 minutes spent online, my mother is going to get a custom, one of a kind Mother’s Day card from me, my sister and my nephews. Not bad at all.

Make a Mother's Day Card the Easy Way with Cardstore (and get a discount!)

But guess what? I have a promo code you can use to get your Mother’s Day card for a steal of a deal! Get a Mother’s Day card made just for your Momma at Cardstore normally up to $3.69 for only $2.49 with the coupon code CCF4249. This code is good until May 5 but why wait? Get on over there an tell your Momma just how thankful you are that she took on the #WorldsToughestJob.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.
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