Magnifying Paperweight Revamp

September 1, 2012Allison Murray

I am currently typing this post on my bed in my bedroom at my grandmother’s house in Odessa, TX. It’s a boom town here and things are CRAZY. A trip to the grocery store today took hours because we were dealing with holiday weekend prepping never mind the hundreds of people that probably would have been there anyway. I’ve been here just over 24 hours an the traffic and general ballyhoo is already starting to wear me a bit thin.

That being said. I’m really, really happy to be here. We visited with some of my Mimmie’s lifelong neighbors today, went thrifting and are having a really nice time. A girl that I played Barbies with is now a woman with a family of her own. It’s amazing seeing these old friends and the happiness they have come into as an adult. But I’ll stop being sentimental and get onto today’s very, very lately posted post.

Paperweights are great gifts. Nice segue, huh? You can often find generic ones in clearance bins at big box and hobby stores. Remove the pics that come with them and add an image of something important to the recipient and you have an inexpensive and highly personal gift.


My most recent paperweight I made as a gift. I found it in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for 3 bucks and change. Round and made of magnifying glass, the effect created when you put in a new picture is pretty awesome.

Beginning to end, this is an easy, easy project.

STEP 1: Take your paperweight and remove felt backing and image. Clean with alcohol to remove any traces of adhesive.

STEP 2: Print the image you want to place inside and trace the weight on top. Use scissors and trim a bit inside of the mark. Place in the weight and trim again if necessary.

STEP 3: Use spray adhesive to attach the paper to the glass and then spray with adhesive to affix felt onto the back. Trim excess felt and get that sucker wrapped up. Bingo bammo, your easy peasy gift is complete!

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