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January 27, 2014Allison Murray


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.


I like the idea of collecting things. In reality too many things clutter up life and I like a clean, uncluttered existence as much as possible. When I was younger I collected snow globes but one day they all broke and that was the end of any official collection I might have. As an adult many have tried to give me things to encourage a new collection… animal shaped Tiffany lamps, brooches and even snow globes again but nothing stuck. Why? I like a clean house and I despise dusting all of that stuff!


And then one day this whole internet thing started to happen with ONLINE collections. Now this is the type of collecting I’m totally down for! I can have anything and everything I ever desired, neatly catalog it and dig it out to look at it whenever I please. And guess what?! Nothing to dust!

Luvocracy takes that online collecting to a new level. Because not only do you collect things and get to check out and get inspired by things others are collecting, you have the option to purchase that item right then and there. And Luvocracy will look for the best price so the most you’ll pay is what you see on the Luv you go to purchase. So basically you’re loving on a necklace that is $29.99 on Luvocracy and you go to buy it but Luvocracy finds the same thing for a better price, say $19.99 so you pay that instead. It’s kind of like an online, money saving personal shopper and I’m totally digging it!

Wanna check out some of my luv-able collections? Click the pic of the collection you wanna visit!

Rocking fashion Allison style!

Even though I mostly sit at home and work in sweats and tee shirts I still LOVE fashion and I’ve decided to take a cue from Liz at Queen Lila Crafts and start dressing each day rather than shuffling from my computer and bed in whatever’s clean :) And since I’m typically a bargain shopper, I love the idea of getting the best price on whatever dress or top strikes my fancy.

Beauty finds that work and are amazing!

Next I decided to start documenting my favorite beauty items including how I get my super duper red hair :) To be honest my daily regiment consists of Carmex but in 2014 I’ve made an effort to make more of an effort. My favorite Hobby Lobby employee was impressed!

Nest Feathering Goodness!

And I’ve started a board for all of the things I want in my home… which is kind of funny considering I don’t like clutter! But in 2014 I’m going to start adding some decorative accents to my space. I want to make over my bathroom and get some things hanging on the walls. It looks like I’m renting for crying out loud!

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

But with Valentine’s Day I started some idea boards for both guys and gals. This collection is for the dudes with my very favorite Valentine gift ideas. I mean what geeky guy wouldn’t totally LUV a severed wampa arm ice scraper? That kind of gift just totally oozes love and devotion, ladies.

Valentine Gifts for Her (or me :)

And last of all I made a collection of fab V-day gifts for all the lovely ladies (and perhaps myself!) It’s not all reds and pinks but it is all romantic or sweet or just plain pretty!

Luvocracy is so freaking cool because it’s an awesome place to find ideas for fashion and home and gifts from taste makers from all over the globe. Finding the perfect anything should be super easy and knowing you’ll get the best price online is a double win. If you’re less a computer person and more about your phone or tablet, they’ve totally got an app for that. And last but not least as a new member you’ll get a discount of $10 off of any purchase of $20 or more and that’s pretty cool, too! So head on over and check Luvocracy out. You just might find the perfect Valentine for yourself or your hunny while you’re there!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.Tracking Pixel

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