Low Cost Dabbling in Neon Accessories

April 10, 2013Allison Murray
Follow the hot new neon trend on the cheap!

Follow the hot new neon trend on the cheap!

I absolutely love the idea of bringing a bit of neon into my wardrobe. It’s not going to be anytime soon that I have the butt that looks good in a pair of neon green skinny jeans so I’m leaning more toward bright, neon accessories. But when I find something I like the price is outrageous because of the trend.

Well the good news is that I just so happened to get really sick a while back ago and put on medication that made me “loopy”. Couple that with the fact that I have Ebay on my cellphone and the packages of random crap started a’ flowing a few weeks later.

Follow the hot new neon trend on the cheap!


One day this little treasure came in the mail in a tiny package from China. Neat, but I’m so not into fake gold. Real gold? Heck yes! Obviously fake gold? Not so much.

Follow the hot new neon trend on the cheap!

So since it was something I couldn’t see myself wearing as is, I figured it was bound for a little experiment. I had previously used fingernail polish to update pendant but this thing covers a lot more space than that and I wasn’t looking forward to sucking in the fumes from the lacquer for that long. And let’s face it, if I didn’t mind the smell I’d actually paint my fingernails more often than I do.

So I sprayed with three coats of neon paint left over from the funky neon apothecary jar I did a while back and then realized I was out of spray polyurethane. Apparently I seal stuff up a lot because that can had nothing left to give. So I instead painted on Mod Podge and I’m not really happy with the results, so I’d definitely recommend using the spray.

Follow the hot new neon trend on the cheap!

And just because sometimes I see a neon DIY where the color looks so neon as to be faked, I took a pic with my pasty, pasty hand. Perhaps that is cheating as my pallor may have helped make it look fairly bright too, but what can you do? Happy Hump Day!


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  • Angie

    April 11, 2013 at 7:34 PM

    Love this, pretty idea, and pretty result. From what company was the necklace from or how can I get mine? :) please do tell me. xoxo

  • Allison Murray

    April 11, 2013 at 9:42 PM

    Hey, Angie – here is the link. I think it took about 2 weeks to get in the mail because it is from China, so factor that into your time-frame. http://bit.ly/110GqUj

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