I Love Jesus. But I Drink a Little.

October 5, 2014Allison Murray
From the Ellen Show! I love Jesus but I drink a little. Too funny!

From the Ellen Show! I love Jesus but I drink a little. Too funny!

I’m not much of one for television. Like, for reals. When I say “I don’t watch a lot of television” I mean it.

There are a few shows that I love to watch and most of them say Masterpiece in front of them. Or they’re on premium cable. Or they’re entire seasons I stream with my Roku. Very rarely do I know what you’re talking about when you’re wildly gesturing and smiling about a commercial that apparently everybody has seen. Everybody but me that is.

Most of what I learn about pop culture these days I see online. It’s in the Facebook feeds of those I follow… it’s in a recommended video on YouTube… it’s because somebody emailed it to me and said I HAD to see this one.

And I stumbled upon this little gem of a video in one of those ways, I think on Facebook…

This Gladys lady was hilarious. I loved her. Instantly. I mean, I love Jesus. But I drink a little. Come on! That is classic! And she made me think of my Mimmie. And though my Mimmie only imbibes a strawberry daquiri on the very, extremely rare visit to a Mexican restaurant, I just knew she needed one of these shirts. And so I made her one.

From the Ellen Show! I love Jesus but I drink a little. Too funny!To be honest I was supposed to be there with her while she was having surgery and I planned on giving this to her before. But things don’t always work out how we hope. I didn’t get a cute picture of Mimmie in the tee and I stayed at home to work because I suddenly became very snowed under, to keep up the reno on my house so I can hopefully sell it soon and heal from my own stupidly acquired injuries. Did you know I broke my left wrist and then about a few days later my left foot, sliced my thigh and cut my cornea in only 10 days? I’m quite talented apparently!

From the Ellen Show! I love Jesus but I drink a little. Too funny!

If you have a Silhouette, you can download and use the cut file. If you don’t, you can right click and save the pic above and use however you see fit!

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  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    October 7, 2014 at 12:00 AM

    That is awesome! And I absolutely love it when Ellen gets in stitches – – makes me laugh so hard. And thanks for the freebie! It’s fantastic. (And lest anyone think that drinking in moderation goes against the gospel of Jesus Christ, let’s all remember His first miracle, which was turning water into a wine at a Jewish wedding feast.) Anyway, so sorry to hear about all of your injuries! Heal up, my dear. XO

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