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December 1, 2016Allison Murray
Have kitties? Enter daily to win a Litter Robot and other fantastic prizes!

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Have kitties? Enter daily to win a Litter Robot and other fantastic prizes!

I have been a stickler for seriously clean litter boxes for as long as I can remember. I mean, I want to have bathroom that is clean as all get out, why should I expect my kitties to accept anything less themselves? So I patrol the box several times a day and I feel like I am constantly scooping poop. And, I suppose with 3 cats I kind of am. 

So I was pretty surprised when one of my kitties, JouJou, decided to start peeing on anything soft he could find. I figured it out when I threw on some clothes, headed out to town and as soon as I walked halfway down the mall noticed a strange smell. What is that smell? I know it but I can’t place it? What in the HECK is that SMELL? 


I ran to the ladies room to discover that my bra had cat urine on it. Oh. My. Everlovin’. Gee. Then I had to decide… do I wear this bra home or do I remove my bra and walk all the way through this mall and out to my car through the parking lot with the girls free? Both options stank (haha!) 

So I make it home, mortified and, guess what? He starts peeing in the middle of our bed! Gross, gross, gross! Imagine crawling into bed like, what is that cold, wet spot? EW! I have to strip the bed and take a shower at midnight. No bueno!

It didn’t take long before Mr. JouJou was at the vet and getting a variety of very expensive tests run. There was no UTI and no diabetes, thank goodness. According to the vet, our Jouj was just being super picky about the litter box. And then she looked up at the ceiling and said “you have 3 cats so you should have 4 litter boxes. How many do you have?” Me: “Erm, one, but I clean it constantly.” But as it turned out it just wasn’t enough.

Have kitties? Enter daily to win a Litter Robot and other fantastic prizes!

So it was suggested that we keep a litter box in my office (ew), in the bedroom (YICK!), in the laundry room (works for me) and in the common room (ew). I’d still need to be an eagle eye for all things cat waste related and keep them super clean but, hopefully, the many boxes would mean JouJou would choose one of those to go in rather than, say, my basket of laundry.

But in the end, we found a much, much better solution… The Litter Robot. I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how many times I would check the boxes, the Litter Robot does it better. Want to know how it works? It’s pretty darn genius. Kitty goes into the dome shaped part of the robot and then does its business. The Robot hangs out for a little bit so that the litter can set up and then the dome starts to rotate. As it turns the clumps are pushed to the top and FOOM! dropped into a drawer you line with a trash bag at the bottom of the unit. Then the Robot starts rotating the dome the other direction, the drawer is once again closed up and it’s only clean litter left behind. 

We feared getting our cats to use the box would be difficult but we just put a little bit of old litter into it and a few treats on the step. We kept the old traditional scoop box for a while but now we’re at 100% Litter Robot. And guess who was first to take to the box? JouJou, huzzah! I have to be careful to not leave baskets of laundry around, because I guess Jouj has decided that it’s his bag and if it’s an option he might very well take it.

Have kitties? Enter daily to win a Litter Robot and other fantastic prizes!

Of all of the things Rob and I have added to our home in 2016, our Litter Robot is my FAVORITE. And guess what? You have a chance at getting your own for FREE! How genius is that? Check out the 25 Days of Christmas and enter to win every day. Enter daily for your shot at winning $1,193 in prizes that will be won every single day. 

And entering is super simple (and open now!) For each activity on the giveaway page you complete you get one entry. The more activities you complete, the more chances you have to win. Winners will likely be drawn the day after Christmas and then you have a shot of winning one of 30 LitterRobot Open Air units, 30 Years of Free Litter, and 30 PetCube units. And if you’re wondering, just because I totally wonder about big money totals ’cause I’m nosy, that is a total of $28,440 in prizes. <— Crazy town.

What are you waiting for? Get on over there and enter to win and set a reminder on your phone to enter daily! Win a Litter-Robot Open Air in the 25 Days of Christmas!

Have kitties? Enter daily to win a Litter Robot and other fantastic prizes!

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