Laser Hair Removal – Consultation Time!

August 22, 2014Allison Murray

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

To be honest I was a bit nervous and pretty darn jittery when I walked into the doors to check out Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal. First of all, talking about unwanted hair with a total stranger is weird, right? But the fact that I think it would be awesome to rarely or maybe even never have to shave, pluck or wax again. Because ain’t none of that stuff any fun. So I decided that the potential end result was worth the investment of a little bit of time and embarassment.

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With my appointment scheduled I did a little bit of research about laser hair removal and found that there are two types. One singes the hair underneath the skin and is a lot like waxing. You’ll need to keep coming in for treatments because the hair will grow back. The other, which Ideal Image uses, is a more permanent solution that normally takes only 9 treatments to rid your target area of unwanted hair.

So I went into the building and spoke with a very courteous receptionist who had me sit and wait for my appointment. I came in 15 minutes early because that’s how I roll and had a nice time reading some fancy magazines until my consultant, Jayme came out to greet me.

I went from being a bit self conscious to being completely comfortable. Jayme laid it all out on the line within the first 10 minutes of our conversation…  everyone has hair on their face or body that they don’t want. I’m not the first person she’s talked to about this (today even) and I won’t be the last. This is a thing for just about everyone and that is why they offer the service in the first place.

So we talked about my skin type (fair that is extremely sensitive) and I was pleased to learn that I could be treated very well. I also learned that blonde, some red, gray and  white hair doesn’t have the pigment needed to for laser hair removal to work for them. Now my hair naturally has red to it, but I have enough brown or whatever that it wouldnt’ be a problem. So don’t assume right away that it won’t work for you because you’re a redhead because it still might.

We talked about the different areas that I would be interested in removal and what I could expect. My main concern would be occasional bristle that I’ve developed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. To be honest, the hair is minimal but I’m still wickedly sensitive about it. I learned that the process isn’t child’s play and that it is a medical treatment. So if I was expecting a spa day, well, I was in the wrong place.

To remove hair in a way that is practically permanent there’s going to be some real medical equipment involved and well, it’s a laser people. Let’s not forget that. And while Jayme didn’t coddle me she didn’t totally freak me out, either. By the time I left after my hour and a half consultation I was totally game for getting the treatments done.

Now, I will tell you that the treatments last over 2 years because hair grows in 8 cycles and to get everything you’ve got to treat all of the hair follicles during each active cycle. And the treatments aren’t cheap. If you think you’re going to go in and get a quote of a few hundred bucks you’re probably thinking of a Groupon you’ve seen. Since it is a medical treatments it costs and I wasn’t surprised when my estimate spanned several thousand dollars for 3 treatment areas. And to be honest, this isn’t something I would be able to consider right now if it wasn’t for a promotion they are running for 70% off Laser Hair Removal

And I promised you 100% honesty and I’m totally giving it to you here. They’ll need to look at your hair to see if you’re a viable candidate before going too far. So prepare to have a mirror and bright light inspecting your chin whiskers or legs. BUT you can always do like I did and ask to touch your consultants hair free legs and be totally impressed with laser hair removal :)

In the end, I decided that with moving states and buying a new home I really need to invest my money in that for now. Because moving ain’t cheap. BUT I’ve definitely got laser hair removal on my to do list after things get settled down for me because I deserve a little gift and confidence these days. And it would be pretty darn awesome to not have to frantically shave my legs when I get invited to the lake :)

If you’re like me and curious about laser hair removal, it doesn’t hurt to request more information. And as my consultant told me, the biggest part of this is making it through the door in the first place. Well, I made it through the door and I know that you can too!

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  • Zografia @ Bisozozo

    August 22, 2014 at 3:02 PM

    You should try it! I have done laser hair removal almost 10 years ago and i have not regret it! It was worth the money!

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