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March 16, 2013Allison Murray
Make ransom notes online for free!

Make ransom notes online for free!

I’ve been freelance for about 5 years or so now. That basically means that I deal with colleagues and customers over the phone or email and very rarely face to face. So for all intents and purposes, my work mates are my cats and my dog.

But when I had a regular 9-5 I saw my colleagues as potential targets for practical jokes, and I wasn’t the only one. The worst office jokester was the VP and I’d often get called in with the directions of a ransom note to produce or directives of what I needed to steal to ransom.

Yup, I got paid to snag a manager’s special rug, hide it and create a week’s worth of ransom notes that only ended after ransom was met (which was singing her rival team’s fight song on the PA system).

Make ransom notes online for free!

Honestly, I was really surprised that nobody ever found the rug because my workspace was essentially in a hallway and I put the rug under my desk where my feet went. Even the person I took it from would stand there and chat with me while I was rubbing my feet on her rug under my desk.

Reminiscing I went looking for generators to would do the work for me. Here’s the text I used: Deliver 7 pounds of glitter (assorted textures and colors are acceptable), 25 skeins of pastel yarn and 1000 silver pipe cleaners to the tree by the river or you’ll never see your precious OU mug again. Come alone or the mug gets it.

Make ransom notes online for free!

Simply “Ransom note generator”. There is the title and a text box on the page and that’s about it. Type your message in and hit submit to produce your very interesting ransom note. I love how this one doesn’t always use the same letter every time. You can print your note but cannot save it out as an image. (I took 4 print screen grabs and created the image you see above.)

The ransom note at the very beginning of this post is really cool, is it not? This sucker is as custom as you can get with a title (mine is the larger text that reads “or the mug gets it”) and then the body of your ransom letter. Plus you can upload or use an image off of the internet to be the background. You can print directly, save an image file or share to the gallery of recent ransoms. Head over to to take advantage of their awesome generator!

Are you now eyeballing that ugly little figurine or disgustingly worn favorite shirt and considering earning a little ransom? Get it! Happy weekend :)>

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