Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

November 6, 2013Allison Murray

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

Last year for Christmas my nephews got a copy of Just Dance. I have no idea which version it was but I can tell you one thing… it was a smash hit up in our holiday for many days on end.

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review


For a good 2 weeks I had ‘Moves Like Jagger’ stuck in my head and I’d never even listened to the song in full before that day. The boys played and played that game over and over to where they know the moves instinctively. No need to follow along screen anymore. And actually, now when they freestyle they’ve got a whole new cache of sweet stylings!

So when I mentioned to my sister that Just Dance 2014 was coming out we both knew that the boys would be seriously wanting a copy. And lucky for the boys, it just so happens that their auntie is a blogger! I got my free copy in the mail and headed on down to my sister’s house for some Halloween fun and, of course, some serious video game playing.

I guess since school started not all that long ago, boys hadn’t played with the Wii in several months so when we first got into the game we were having a difficult time “Press the A button! No! That’s the B button! Give it here…” but we were able to get it all worked out and the game was played a little bit before bedtime.  The youngest and his Momma also had a “battle” game and that was so much fun to watch!

But the real fun happened when we took the game over to a friend’s house with a gigantic TV and basically had an impromptu Just Dance party. And while the packaging says 10+ even the littlest at only 2 years had a blast! Check her out getting after it in her party dress. So sweet!

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

I was amazed at how quickly all of the children took to the game and while their moves weren’t “perfect” they didn’t even seem to notice their scores or who won.

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

And even the kids who had never played a Just Dance game before were taking to it easily and enjoying themselves!

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

And as a spectator and photographer, when things got a little crazy, with occasionally tossing in unscripted moves, things really became a lot of fun. There were lots of splits going down by the 3 year old and the sweet 2 year old in her shiny party dress, who never once held a controller, didn’t let that stop her from getting down!

Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

And that was the greatest bit… the fact that it didn’t really matter if they had a controller or not, everyone had such a blast! There was no bored waiting for their turn like with some games. It was a free-for-all of fun.

Just Dance 2014 Video Game ReviewAnd even as we were packing up our game and controllers, the dance spirit just kept on with the kids humming their favorite tunes. And here’s a little mini kid’s review to let you know what they thought of the game:

The general consensus from the kiddos was that the game was “awesome!” and while some were shy at first the fun was infectious enough that everybody forgot about being self conscious. To be honest I’m not terribly sure about all of the songs because we kept playing to the Ghost Busters Theme Song, David Guetta ft. Sia: She Wolf and Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams: Get Lucky over and over again.

I was also informed that they were really happy with the improvements of the dancers since the last version. The oldest said the moves looked “smoother” and were easier to understand and the other said the backgrounds were prettier. They also liked that the characters changed and that they were interestingly dressed. Our favorite character? The sassy luchadore, of course!

Plus the kids got some really great, vigorous exercise without ever meaning to which was just another added bonus, if you ask me.

In the end, we had some good times playing Just Dance 2014. The itty bitty lil’ bits, the older kids and even the adults were all very entertained and when we parted, we were all really happy.

The adults in the room would occasionally dance with the kids or just dance on their own and they seemed to all really enjoy the music! So in the end, I think that Just Dance 2014 would make an awesome gift this Christmas, and I hope you bust it out with everybody all collected. I promise you that you’ll have a blast!

If you’d like to purchase a copy, they are available at Amazon.com or if you’d like more information check out the Ubisoft Ubiblog .

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Niks

    June 8, 2014 at 5:15 AM

  • Amy in Austin

    September 16, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    I play this game 3-5 mornings a week for exercise (I’m 48…a big kid really). Once all of the songs are unlocked there’s a good 1+ hours of songs to dance to. Some need some beefing up but most of my go-tos are already pretty great. I also LOVE that I can use it to exercise at home! A big screen makes it even better. Now I can sing along with songs I never would have listened to before (and I already have pretty eclectic taste). Jump in with the kids sometime or play once they’ve gone to school. It’s so fun! :-D

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