Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

April 24, 2014Allison Murray
Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jingit.

Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

I’m kind of app mad. As in crazy. I LOVE me some apps! I’ll download 2 or 3 and delete them all within the same day if they aren’t up to snuff. Because you can’t just keep adding apps and never run out of space. But maybe you could in the future. Oooh, that would be awesome!

One of the things that I really HATE doing is shopping. Ugh. You walk around for ages. Sometimes people are rude or smelly or rude and smelly. There are lots of other people who just want to get their stuff and get home, too so things can be chaotic. And it’s expensive going shopping! Even though I’m most often shopping for craft supplies like glue and glitter!


Another thing that I LOVE is scavenger hunts. Have you ever been on one? You get a list of things to do or to get and the team with the most wins. These activities were my most favorite things ever and one year during a food drive scavenger hunt my friends and I absolutely killed it! None of us had any food left in our pantries when we were done but it was super awesome all the same :)

So guess what? Jingit makes something I hate (shopping) and makes it more like something I love (scavenger hunts) with something that I’m mad about (apps). Sounds like an equation for success, right? And it is! It’s so much fun! —> download the Jingit app here

I made Russell go with me to town so we could hit up Wal-Mart and get after some shopping (ugh) and some scavenging for a big ol’ thing of Krazy Glue!

Seeing as how crafters are no longer content with itty bitty things of Krazy Glue they now offer a whopping 20 gram size. And if you go shopping for it with your handy dandy smart phone all loaded up with the Jingit app you can A. earn money back on your purchase and B. earn money by scanning in the bar code of the item.

Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

Okay, but let’s take a break from the money saving just for a moment, shall we? LOOK at that tube of stuff. Now 20 grams is just some number that doesn’t mean anything to me if I’m being completely honest. I’m not good with sizes and measurements and it’s awful. But even I can tell that is a ton of Krazy Glue in one place! And like the packaging says, it’s got to be absolutely amazing for big jobs (like a large and very broken vase? oops!)

And now let’s go over what exactly you do with this app, on your phone, in the store, looking for the new big size of Krazy Glue…

Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

First you find the stuff. It was in the hardware section at my Wal-Mart. Next you get into your app and look at the what’s happening. For the Krazy Glue I had two opportunities. One included a “check in” where I got a quarter just for scanning the bar code off of the packing. Awesome!

Jingit and Save Something Krazy!

Now since I’m NOT going home without adding this stuff to my crafty stash, I reserved an offer to get 60 cents back on my purchase. After the shopping is done, I get to the check outs and do my thing and promptly scan the entire receipt and send it in to validate my cash back offers I took advantage of in the store. Bam. Time to head home.

And guess what? With Jingit you can save on all sorts of things at other popular stores including Target. And you’re going to be at these places and buying these things anyway, might as well Jingit while you’re there! So head on over and download that free app and get started!

All in all, I made $1.60 walking around the store as I shopped. And that’s not including any of my cash back I’ll be receiving. And though Russell rolled his eyes every time I went “cha-ching!” immediately after my phone did, I can tell it made our shopping trip so much more fun! Plus I got some glue I’ll be crafting with soon! Oh, and speaking of cha-ching, want to win 500 of those sounds? Enter the giveaway below!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jingit.
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Comments (2)

  • phyll

    April 24, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    sounds fun

  • Jeanine

    April 25, 2014 at 9:32 PM

    Ok i am suich an app junkie!!!! We have had our ipads since, well, forever.. We have a total of 5 Apple products running crazy apps in our home. We have purchased (some) downloaded (& deleted) others, a total of last count 856 apps!!! I have two kids, 1 is a teen, believe me, it isnt hard! Plus we’ve had them for years now. Anyway, i am with you: shopping, on line, yes please, malls, no thank you!! I am just so jealous; i hope this app finds itself on its way to Canada SOON!!! I’ll be first to download ;) tY!

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