Jimmy Choo Inspired Shoe Makeover

May 6, 2014Allison Murray
Jimmy Choo Inspired Shoe Makeover

Jimmy Choo Inspired Shoe Makeover

Surprise, surprise. I fell in LOVE with a pair of designer sneakers. I had seen them on Pinterest and clicked through thinking, I’ll treat myself to a pair of shoes somebody else made!


You see, I hadn’t even noticed that tiny, little Jimmy Choo on the heel sole. See it now? So I was FLOORED when I saw the price was $650. And I got super irritated. Not in a way that makes sense or anything and I knew it but I went with the madness anyway. These people think they can charge other people $650 for a pair of sneakers!?! Well, I’ll show them.

Jimmy Choo Inspired Shoe Makeover

And so I made my own. Want to know how much they cost me? $15 which is 2.3% of the purchase price of the designer pair. TWO point THREE percent! Now that’s a price I can totally handle.

If you’re of the means to drop big bucks on sneakers then you’ll probably think this whole thing is silly. But if you’re like me, get on the DIY train and whip up a pair of your own in the fantastic tutorial I shared over at iLoveToCreate today! Jimmy Choo Inspired Shoe Makeover.

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  • Cindy

    May 16, 2014 at 10:16 PM

    The best!!!!!!!

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