Jewel Tone Yarn Hanging

August 11, 2016Allison Murray
Add some color to your walls by raiding your yarn stash! This jewel tone yarn hanging is simple and very pretty!

Add some color to your walls by raiding your yarn stash! This jewel tone yarn hanging is simple and very pretty!

So the other day I decided to pull out the yarn stash and make a rainbow in jewel tones kind of a thing and I decided to do it with my new baby kitty Maybelline. At first she was just hanging out but after a while she got all crazy wit the yarn. Some of the ends of my hanging are fuzzy and that’s because little miss got to them. And I’m okay with that.

I’m having a hard time spending time with my girl because I am having to keep her separated from the dogs, Ollie in particular. He gets this crazy look on his face where he is just super in concentration staring at her super still except for where his muscles shake a bit because he’s all locked up. It’s freaking scary. We’re doing all of the things we are supposed to do like keeping her in a crate while making him do his training exercises nearby, trying to keep his concentration on us while she’s in the room. We’re having her sleep with a blanket during the day and putting it in his crate at night so he gets used to her scent.

And so Maybelline doesn’t have free reign of the house quite yet but I am absolutely positive that she will be. It’s just going to take some time. Right now Maybe gets to sleep at night in the master closet (which is pretty sizable) and during the day when we aren’t around she gets free reign of the master closet, bath and bedroom. We have a baby gate up at the door and she’s decided she wants to tour the house and so I’m wigging out a bit. One of these days she’s going to escape and, I worry, run smack dab into Ollie.

It’s kind of sad, Ollie was always so sweet towards all cats (and I have brought a ton into my  house over the years) but we had a dog major aggression toward cats and it seems to have affected our Ollie just a bit. It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. It’s stressful. But I’m not giving up on freaking anybody. This is GOING to work. You mark my words :)

And so I took my supplies and I made this thing that I love with my itty bitty kitty swiping and purring and generally wrecking things but I was happy. She was happy. It was great. And I have a wall hanging to remember the early days, back when she had to live in seclusion because Ollie was confused. Before he became her giant of a protector. Because he will. He will get used to her and he will love her and he will keep her safe like he does all of the other animals in this house. I can’t wait.

Add some color to your walls by raiding your yarn stash! This jewel tone yarn hanging is simple and very pretty!

If you want to see just how I made this jewel tone, stash busting, wall hung, yarn artwork head on over to Mom Spark and get it, girl.

And if you have any ideas or tips on integrating a new kitten into a household with a hesitant dog give me a shout in the comments or hit me up by email. I’m stressed the heck out but I swear that I’m not giving up on anybody. I’m going to make this work. :)

Baby Maybelline is a 3 month old baby calico kitty adopted from a cat rescue group in the Rio Grand Valley area of South Texas.

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