Inventor’s Necklace

June 6, 2015RaChil Luke

The light bulb! Symbol of creation and the sudden “aha!” of an idea. It also happens to be my second favorite motif after the spool that is my business’ logo. A year or so ago  I bought a pack of jewelry findings because there were some old fashioned metal thimbles in there (those are like impossible to find nowadays!) and it also had these little light bulb bases. I’ve wanted to do something with them for so long and I finally came up with this industrial-chic necklace! Check out how to make your own below




  • 16 Gauge gold wire
  • 19 Gauge silver wire
  • Jewelry Pliers (I only ended up using the needle nose pair)
  • Light bulb base (found in the Fairy Tale jewelry section @Hobby Lobby)
  • E6000
  • Necklace or chain to make your own

Step 1: 1) Cut two pieces of 6 1/2 in. gold wire. 2) Bend your two pieces of wire into light bulb shapes. 3) Apply glue to the straight sections and place the wire bulb shape into the base. 4) Repeat with the other second light bulb shape.  5) Snip a small section of wire to bind your two light bulb shapes at the top.  6) Snip down the end of the binding wire. 7) Push the two light bulb shapes til they look like the picture. Hopefully your glue hasn’t hardened too much, but you can apply a little more if you need to.


Step 2: 1) Cut a 5 in. piece off your silver wire. 2) Form a loop about from the end of the wire. 3) Repeat forming a loop from the opposite end. You have now formed the filament. 4) Insert the two ends of the filament section into your E6000 then slide it into the base of the light bulb. Hold it in place until the glue hardens enough to not move then let dry for the rest of the time.
All finished! This could make a cool ornament or something to hang from your rear view mirror.


I hung mine on a really long copper colored chain that matches the base of the light bulb.


If you want some more jewelry DIY’s check out my Wishbone Necklace or my Leather Watch Band.
Til Next Time!

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  • Allison Murray

    June 6, 2015 at 8:21 AM

    This is the dang cutest, RaChil! Such a fun use of jewelry wire and so inventive :) #Nailedit

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