Instant Last Minute DIY Gifts

December 21, 2015Sheri Pavlović

Christmas is looming
and your heart is azooming
Don’t fret, never fear
Refashionista Sheri is here
with prezzies for surprise guests
who descend on your nest
or to help finish off your list
with instant last minute DIY gifts!

Instant Last Minute DIY Gifts

Each of my instant last minute DIY gifts can be created in no time with bits and bobs you may already have lurking about the house – perfect for unexpected (but welcome) holiday visitors and impulsive giving!

Last minute DIY gift - winter scene in a jar


An adorable decorative winter scene-in-a-jar is snap to whip up with whatever you have on hand! Simply find a clean glass jar, pop some cotton in the bottom for snow, stick in your seasonal display and close up the top.

Last minute DIY gift - accessories + tray

Everyone has a few not-their-style accessories in their jewellery stash so why not gift them to someone who will actually enjoy ’em? Include an upcycled saucer or small bowl for storage and then wrap it all up in a scarf or funky scrap of fabric!

Last minute DIY gift - bleach pen shirt

Discover how to upcycle your own bleach pen and easily create a fabulous personalized t-shirt (or let your kiddo immortalize their artwork) right here!

Last minute DIY gift - meal in a jar

Who doesn’t love a hearty homecooked meal, especially when the work is already done for them? Snag a clean jar, raid your cupboards and fill it with a few varieties of dried legumes, rice, noodles (or whatever you have on hand) and top it off with a mixture of your fave herbs and spices. Add an instruction label and your tummy pleasing prezzie is ready to gift!

Raid your stash and whip up a few delightful denim bangles in minutes!

Last minute DIY gift - beauty in a box

If you’re really pressed for time take a peek in your bathroom cabinets. Pop a few of those unopened beauty products you bought in bulk into an empty tissue box, stick a piece of pretty paper over the opening and tie with a scrap of ribbon! A crazy quick instant gift!

CoaR DIY ebook collection

This year why not give the gift of sustainable, ethical style with my all new Confessions of a Refashionista e-book series for less than a latte?!

Last minute DIY gift - CoaR e-book gift

To create your sustainably fancy instant gift simply print out your chosen book and present it with a piece of awesomeness from your crafty stash to help the giftee get started in the groovy world of upcycling!

My no sew collar necklace and instant Christmas earrings are both 2 minute makes that will liven up just about any outfit!

For more funky DIYs and upcycled gift ideas for the whole family take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!

Happy Holidays from this quirky refashionista!

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