Infinity Dish Towels – Yeah, They’re Boring. So what…

April 26, 2012Allison Murray


Today’s DIY isn’t terribly exciting but it is incredibly functional. Everyone has a kitchen, even if they only use the microwave, right? And everyone makes messes in the kitchen – some, like me, make a larger mess than most – but that’s neither here nor there.

I try my best to not use paper towels. They are a waste of money and natural resources. Sometimes I break down and buy some, but the guilt keeps me from buying them for at least several months after. So I use real, honest to God, fabric dish towels and rags. (Plus a whole bunch of little rags that I have made out of old tee shirts and store in a ginormous pillow case – so I have no excuse to go paper, really).

I keep a dish towel hanging over the bar on the stove, perfect for using while cooking. I keep another on the refrigerator door, perfect for wiping off fingers that accidentally find the inevitable nastiness hidden behind (or on) the ketchup bottle. Because no matter how clean I try to keep my house – the fridge inexplicably always has something freaky happening up in there. But back on topic…


The very second one of of my kitchen towels hits the floor, it is dirty. I don’t care if I just mopped the floor. IT. IS. DIRTY! For someone who is so worried about the impact of paper towels, to keep washing dish towels over and over seems pretty ludicrous – so I decided to make falling off incredibly difficult for them. Introducing, the very boring despite a kind of nifty name: infinity dish towel.

For this project you are going to need:

Dish towels, Velcro, straight pins, thread and either a sewing machine – or – a needle and two hands.

STEP 1: Cut a length of about an inch and a half off of your roll of Velcro. You’ll need two of these strips for each towel you plan on making.

STEP 2: Fold your towel in  half so that you see one inside edge and one outside edge. Use the stitching that already exists on your towels to place your Velcro on each side, so that when sewn, they will match up fairly well.

So that you don’t destroy too many of your pins, push straight through the Velcro and the fabric on one side. Then, pinch the fabric and Velcro to make a fold. Push the pin straight through the hump and  hold the pin steady and straighten out. There may be a totally different, official way to do this, but it my method works for me…

STEP 3 & 4: Attach your Velcro by sewing on. I used my machine and made 4 towels in about 20 minutes from start to finish. You can also hand stitch them on, but if you have a machine, it’s SOOO much faster! Trim the excess string.


* If your towels are very large, you might want to add a third Velcro strip in between your two pieces. Since I made four different colors, I used transparent thread instead of reloading the machine with four different types of thread – I’m lazy like that

Hope your week has been super neat! See you tomorrow with my Friday favs!

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