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August 27, 2014Allison Murray
Get a little bit of craft in your mailbox with Indie Craft Sampler. So fun!

Special thanks to Indie Craft Sampler for sending me a free kit to check out and review!

Get a little bit of craft in your mailbox with Indie Craft Sampler. So fun!

Since being a child I’ve loved getting mail. When I was really little it meant a litter from my Pop from Ohio. Sometimes there was a little goodie inside like a basket  he had carved out of a pecan. He’d say a squirrel dropped it and he ran and snagged it and sent it to me. At the time I think I believed him :) But now I know that he took the time to carve these little things for me and even made up a little back story to make it interesting.

When I got a bit older, after we moved to Oklahoma it meant I also got letters in the mail from my Mimmie and Poppa. Sometimes Poppa would draw me a picture of Baby (his Boston Terrier that we all loved so much!) or send some random thing inside with the card. Sometimes it was a dollar  because I’d always bet the Cowboys would lose and whether they won or lost I somehow managed to get the wager in the mail a few days later.


And as an adult, when my Poppa started acting a bit confused and a little different (turns out it was Alzheimer’s), I’d send him a postcard in the mail every couple of weeks or so until he passed. I’d go and stock up and even write up a few generic cards so that if life got busy I’d still have that postcard in the mail to him right on time. And it made him happy because everybody likes getting good/fun mail.

So when I got a stash of crafty goodness from Indie Craft Sampler in the mail I was super excited! The first thing I pulled out of the package was a catnip mouse which promptly got tossed right back into the package and put way up high so I could properly go through the contents later. But as you can see from my pictures I didn’t kick all of the cats out! And as you can see, Marla just  hopped right on into things…

Get a little bit of craft in your mailbox with Indie Craft Sampler. So fun!

In my package I got some neat accessories items including a rose adorned bobby pin, some really comfy headbands and a ring!

Get a little bit of craft in your mailbox with Indie Craft Sampler. So fun!

I also got some smell good stuff! A birthday cake scented candle that smells great! And some creamy body butter in midnight pomegranate <– which I’m well and truly surprised that I spelled correctly the first try. Go me!

Get a little bit of craft in your mailbox with Indie Craft Sampler. So fun!

And the animal lover in me loved the homage to American Gothic but with cats card which I’ll be  hard-pressed to mail, and am actually thinking about framing. Plus some cute buttons, one with a pup and a hand crocheted catnip mouse toy. Which is what drew the cat’s attention to my crafty mail in the first place.


Oh, and these super cute perler bead magnets! My sister totally digs cute so they’ll be on her fridge soon and I’m sure my  nephew will be inspired to make his own Perler bead magnets. Hama!


I couldn’t tease Marla any longer and she finally got a hold of the catnip toy all to herself for about 10 minutes. It seemed to be a glorious 10 minutes, too. Her party was rained on when two of the others came around (Liddy actually went freaking nuts and shredded the poster board, it was crazy!)

Since they all loved the mouse so much, I went over to Etsy and purchased 4 more for them to play with and go nuts for!

And while not everything was perfectly to my taste, I can find good homes for what I don’t want. I was super excited to find things that I’m interested in getting more than a sample size. That lotion is amazing and it smells SO good. The cats are STILL freaking out over that catnip toy out in the hall. So my experience with Indie Craft Sampler was really great and I hope you’ll give it a go. You’ll be able to officially buy your own sampler in September when the service officially launches! Get more details on their site, and to keep  up with what’s going down give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  • Neeka

    August 27, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    Samplers are available for purchase now, they will start being shipped the beginning the first week of September :-)

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