I’m Digging Punjammies

March 2, 2013Allison Murray

I'm digging Punjammies.

I don’t sleep well having been plagued with insomnia for about as long as I can remember. Everything has to be just so…  no light (except in my bedroom at my parent’s house where there is tons of light which is odd), no sound and if not possible the white noise from a table fan, my sheets need to be clean and my sleep clothes comfy.

Whenever I find a pair of pajama paints or a nightgown that is soft and comfy I tend to buy up a bunch of the exact same style. I’m actually going through the inventory in my head right now of what I actually wear at night and I have three long sleeve nightgowns from Target, 8 short sleeve nightgowns from Target and 2 pairs of sleep paints from Target – all the exact same style. I have others but they aren’t in “the rotation”. While it may be boring, I know that I if I can’t sleep through the night, it isn’t because I’m uncomfortable.

When I was stalking around on Pinterest a bit ago I saw the comfiest looking pajama pants EVER. I pinned them and went on my merry way. When I went back to check these babies out I learned that they aren’t just pajama pants, there a new start for someone across the world who really needs it.


Punjammies are a part of the International Princess (TM) Project whose mission is to “Establish self-sustaining enterprises in partnership with indigenous organizations that provide for physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women formerly enslaved in prostitution; AND advocate for women enslaved in prostitution around the world.” Wow. That’s heavy stuff, but it’s also awesome.

I'm digging Punjammies.

Apparently there are over 2 million women and children in prostitution in India (yeah, I know, I said CHILDREN). That’s 200 entering the ‘workforce’ a day, most of whom are essentially slaves held against their will. Punjammies give these women a chance at a new life with job training and an income, using local fabrics to sew pajama pants.

When I first went to the website I kind of balked at the prices, until I researched and found out what great work these pants symbolize. So, if you’re in the market for some really comfy and incredibly cute looking pajama pants, head on over to Punjammies and see if these could be a good fit for you!

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