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July 16, 2015Allison Murray

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Through my entire life there has been a dog to comfort me. Seriously, my entire life. My family is full of dog loving pet owners and that love has worked its way down to my sister and me. So in love with dogs I could hardly stand being in the dorms my freshman year. Before that year was even up I had a puppy named Virgil who lived at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and came to visit me at the dorms snuck to my room by way of the inside of jackets :)



The first dog I ever had was named Skeeter. My grandmother walked at the “old mall” in the mornings before it even got light out. Lots and lots of older people would fast walk in groups around and around. I’d get a handful of coins to keep busy by myself at the machine operated rides in the very center but that money didn’t last very long. Out of money I’d wait and wait for the light to go on at the pet store. When it did I’d run down and tap on the window knowing the elderly lady who owned the store would let me in.


One day I fell in love with a Boston Terrier with the biggest bug eyes you’ve ever seen. I named him Skeeter. When my grandmother came to pick me up I overheard her explain that she could’t keep the Boston anymore. At a certain point they were put down when they weren’t considered puppies anymore because it would be a tax write off. I cried and cried and when my dad picked me up to take me home he said he needed to run into the mall for a quick errand. He came out carrying my Skeeter while the lady who owned the store followed behind with a gigantic bag of food that she was struggling to hold on to. I remember being so happy and thinking what a hero my dad looked like holding that dog :)


Miss Lucy!


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Inspired by the video by IAMS™, A Dog Named Duck, I’m sharing some of my much pets and the origins of their names! Boston Terriers have been a big part of my life as they have kind of been the family dog of choice for a good, long while… My family raised a Princess Patty Cake, named for my aunt, Chuck E. Baby who didn’t get to live past puppy-hood, named for my uncle, Petunia, named for the pig, Willie, named for my dad who is William because my Momma, sister and I bought a puppy without asking and thought flattery was the way to smooth things over more quickly. And now my parents have Ruby, named for a red collar and amended to Ruby Doo because it rhymes with Scooby Doo!


And there have been tons of dogs not rocking the black and white. Cooper, a peach poodle named after the man who owned him in a nursing home and passed away, making this fluffy boy need a new home, Fat Louie, the schnauzer and weenie dog mix who was a chunky puppy, Valentine, a gigantic mixed breed found in need of a home on Valentine’s Day. Turns out she would protect my sister’s children like nothing in this world. There is my aunt and uncle’s pitt breed shorty who walks on the stubbiest legs you’ve ever seen, belly just inches off of the ground :) In recent years I’ve been more of a mutt lover myself… My Aggie was a mix of who knows what, named Agatha because I was in a phase of old lady names. She was sister to Virgil and Percy because I also dug old man names! These days I have Oliver…

My Ollie came to me in a strange way. Weeks before Christmas my Aggie had to be put down. It was such a bad day because I didn’t quite understand just how sick she actually was. I had to make the 2.5 hour drive down to my childhood vet to watch her fall asleep forever. It was a terrible, terrible day. The next my sister had dealings at the local animal shelter and I went with her. And that’s when I fell in love with my Ollie boy.


He was in a kennel near the end and he totally went nuts when we walked by. I stood and talked and pet him and knew that he was something special. My sister and I went to the back to wash our hands and we saw him barking at us through the window. It seemed such a bad time but he came home with me anyway. I had to head straight home as he was infected with kennel cough and my sister has her own dogs that we didn’t want to get sick. On the ride home I went through the emotions of guilt, for taking a new pet so long, happiness that I wouldn’t be sleeping alone that night and thoughtfulness as I tried to pick out a name for him.

There were lots of options thrown out there and when I was about halfway home I came to a decision. He was Oliver, named after my dog loving grandfather who has been gone for many, many years. It was perfect and I texted my sister to see what she thought. In agreement, my Ollie boy had a name. So when I watched the IAMS™ video about a dog named Duck I sat and I smiled and I teared up near the end, happy teared up that is!


Like Duck, I want my Ollie to live a long and happy life just like my Aggie did. And that means good nutrition along the way. IAMS™ ProActive Health™ helps dogs stay vibrant, active and healthy. Rich with minerals to build strong bones, full of antioxidants to help a strong immune system and protein for strong muscles. And with formulas for every stage of life from puppy to an aging senior the good life keeps on keeping on for pet family members

IAMS™ products are available for purchase now at mass retailers and pet stores nationwide. For more information on IAMS™ products, visit IAMS™ online, on Facebook and Twitter.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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