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April 23, 2014Allison Murray

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've always enjoyed gardening, even when I wasn't particularly good at it. In fact, I was quite bad at it and from my failures I learned some things.

  • Never move bulbs right before they bloom. Because they won't bloom. 
  • It takes more than a little effort to get rid of crab grass (the bane of my gardening existence!)
  • Pay really, really close attention to the amount of water and sunlight your plants need or you've failed even before you've begun.
  • Always bust up the roots of your plants after being removed from those plastic pots from the stores to help them grow bigger.

And that's it, really. Do you have any great tips? 


But I've gotten sidetracked here… My gardens have always had a purpose… I've grown a garden to make the front of my house prettier. Another trying to have great pumpkins to carve the on Halloween. There was the fruit garden where I successfully grew a really good watermelon and the failure of a fence garden to keep neighbor's prying eyes to themselves (sigh, I just didn't water it enough).

But the one thing that I grow that is and was more important than anything else is a reminder.

When Russell and I first moved into this house almost  decade ago (insert a surprised gasp on my part and a comment about how time flies) we had quite the menagerie. I had my dog Aggie and he had his two Priscilla, Joni and his cat George. I moved in and Aggie and I ate tacos on the fireplace bricks and then the house became crazy with animals a few hours later.

I had been living in an apartment where having 3 dogs and a cat would have been absolutely impossible but I would have if I could have. The influx of pets was heart-warming to my soul and I loved each and every one of them. Even if I was scared of my big, fat Georgie cat at first. He passed away about a year later and it was very, very sad.

When I started to work from home we already had a new cat, Gracie and I spent far more time with these animals than I did people. To say that our bonds were super tight almost feels like an understatement. About two years ago we had to put Joni down in the middle of the night as her kidneys were shutting down. It was heartbreaking.

To memorialize those two lovelies who are no longer with us, there is a lilac bush. It's not the most magnificent thing in the world and for some reason getting it to grow has been a real struggle. But in recent years my grandmother suggested Miracle-Gro and that has made all of the difference in the world.  Just the other day Russell and I were trying out my homemade kite and I went over and grabbed a sprig to smell and said hi to my sweet little furry friends.

Someday someone else will live in this house and they will have no idea what that bush stands for and what it means and that makes me sad, but at least there will always be something there as a reminder to the world. Joni and Georgie were here and they were loved. And I'll always stumble upon the odd sprig I stowed away to dry inside one of my books.

Do you have any gardening stories that are close to your heart? Have you had a great experience with Miracle-Gro? Share those experiences at  Gro Something Greater.

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