How to Use a Caulking Gun

June 13, 2015Allison Murray
Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

Totally not poking fun but I know that some people have a hard time with caulking guns. But that’s just because they haven’t learned how to use it. If you already know it seems a no-brainer but I’ve seen somebody throw a caulking gun out off of a roof and then start smearing caulk onto the house with bare hands. There was nothing wrong with the gun, I used it a few days later to caulk the windows. But without knowing how to use one it can definitely be quite frustrating.

I’ve got two projects coming up soon where I use silicone caulk and a caulking gun. Having mentioned the project to someone I was told that it sounded neat but they couldn’t do it because they don’t know how to use a caulking gun. We’ll fix that though!

For this project you will need:


Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

This is your caulking gun. There are fancier models but I haven’t found any reason to use those. This one was around $3 and change from Walmart. Cheap and does the job. Nice.

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

On the back side there is a lever that feels a lot like a trigger… not the one on the handle that you use to actually caulk something, this is on the back where my thumb is. You need to push this in to manipulate the sliding rod inside.

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

Push in on that lever and grab a hold of the handle on the end of the metal rod. Here it looks like a 90 degree angle. While the lever is in pull the rod all of the way out. If this is the first time using this tool it may be a bit difficult and require a bit more oomph than you may be expecting.

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

With the slide out you can see the silver circular bit. This is what pushes inside of the caulk tube to push the caulk out of the end.

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

Pop the tube inside…

Learn how to use a caulking gun. Easy peasy!

…push that lever in and shove the metal rod in as far as it will go. And you’re set. Use the big hand trigger to push the caulk out.

Here are a few tips:

  • Have something on hand to cover the end in case you have caulk left over. If crafting with it you probably will. I use a piece of plastic wrap and a rubber band. My dad likes to use tin foil. Both work.
  • Sometimes that slide really wants to stick. Chances are you’re not going to break it so give it as much power as you need to get it pushed in or pulled out.
  • That caulk really wants to come out once the pressure is put on it. If stopping and starting the caulk will continue to ooze out and pretty quickly. Push on that back lever to release the slide and relieve the pressure. Some will still leak out but not like it would have otherwise.

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  • Amy Anderson

    June 13, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    Great tips!! I actually did an article just like this for one of my clients – I’m going to pin yours too! You have some information I don’t :D

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