How to make feather flip flops

April 17, 2015Ama Buffin

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Time to get ready for summer and start customizing your flip flops. Allison always has clever and original ideas to personalize shoes. So, it was a challenge to follow her steps…I think my feather flip flops turns out quite good, I hope you will also like them!


  • a pair of grey flip flops
  • Polymer clay
  • Glue (Resistol 5000)
  • Silver spray paint
  • Utility knife

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The first thing to do is printing and cutting the PDF feather pattern. Check on your flip flops how it fits, adjust it if necessary.
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Take a piece of polymer clay and extend it. Place the feather pattern on it and cut the shape. Smooth the edges with your fingers.
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With the utility knife, draw the feather center and the sides.
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Make a wire with a small piece of polymer clay, and place it in the center of the feather.
Repeat the same steps to make the second feather.
Bake the polymer clay in the oven, at the lowest temperature during more or less an hour.

Tip: I used a pyrex container to work with the polymer clay. Turns it upside down and you will have a perfect smooth surface that is oven safe.
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Meanwhile, you can paint the straps. Protect the soles with paper and tape and give a few spray paint coat.

When the polymer clay is baked and cold, you can also spray paint the feathers.
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Let dry every piece, then glue the feathers on the straps. You can use clothespins to hold them up the time the glue dries.

That’s it, enjoy your new and pretty flip flops.


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