How to make a leather flower bracelet

August 6, 2015Ama Buffin

diy leather flowers bracelet 1

I hope you enjoy summer time. I know we still have a few week to enjoy holidays, but I already started thinking about getting back to work and having the kids back to school. To start over with positive thoughts, what better than making a little accessory for fall? I’m gonna show you how to make a leather flower.

diy leather flowers bracelet 2

In a piece of leather or faux leather, cut 4 circles in different sizes and a strap. Dimensions here are 1 ‘x 71/2‘. But it’s better to measure your wrist to adjust the length of the strap.

diy leather flowers bracelet 3

Make a folds in the middle of each circle and sews a point to keep the folds. Help you with a paper clip to hold the flower while you sew.

To add a touch of color, you can paint the edges of each leather piece with acrylic paint. Here we used a gold color.

diy leather flowers bracelet 4

diy leather flowers bracelet 5

Trim one edge of the strap. In the strap center, sew the circle on top of each other to make the flower. Start with the bigger one, and ongoing with the smallest. Finish with a small bead to make the flower center.

diy leather flowers bracelet 6

Don’t hesitate to make several stitches to fix the flower. When the flower is sewn, make a knot on the back to secure the thread.

diy leather flowers bracelet 7

To close the bracelet, cut two pieces of adhesive velcro and place them on the edges.

diy leather flowers bracelet 9

Tadam!!! here is your cute leather bracelet. Remember there is different ways to wear a leather flower. As we did, you can fix it on a leather strip to use it as a bracelet, or punch a hole in it to pass a chain and use it as a pendant. And why not try to make a few and wear them as a brooch. If you like crafting with leather, you may want to have a look at this leather necklace tutorial.

diy leather flowers bracelet 8


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