How to make a dragonfly pendant

March 20, 2015Ama Ryllis

diy dragonfly pendant 2

Spring just makes me happy! It’s always a great moment to be able to take out of the wardrobe little dresses, nice t-shirts and pretty sandals. Today I show you how to make a lovely Dragonfly pendant, the perfect spring spirit accessory.


  • Glass beads
  • crimp beads
  • jewelry wire
  • clasp
  • chain
  • pliers

diy dragonfly 2

Cut a piece of jewelry wire, about 15” long. Slide a green bead in the center and fold it in two.

Thread the beads (7 blue and 2 green) on both wire. You just make the dragonfly body.

diy dragonfly 3

Let’s start to make the wings. Fold the wire on one side of the body. Slide 3 crimp beads, and fold it again to give it a wing shape. Slide and other crimp bead on the wire.

diy dragonfly 4

You gonna make a loop with the wire. So, fold softly the wire and pass it into the top crimp bead, then keep doing the loop and pass the wire into the bottom crimp bead. Flatten the 2 crimp beads to maintain the loop.

diy dragonfly 5

You need to repeat the same process to make 2 other loops. Put a crimp bead on the wire, pass the loop on the top crimp bead and then on the bottom crimp bead. Flatten them, and start again to make the third loop.

diy dragonfly 6

When the three loops are done, pass the wire into the two green beads to finish the wing.

diy dragonfly 7

Repeat the same process to make the other wing.

diy dragonfly 8

To make the dragonfly’s eyes, put a blue bead on each wire.

Last step, you need to attach the chain. Pass a chain into the wire, and wrap the wire around itself. That way you make the dragonfly’s antenna and you attach the chain. Do the same on both side and cut the wire if it’s to long.

Finish by attaching clasp at the end of each chain.

That’s it, enjoy your spring dragonfly pendant! You will also like this pretty wire bracelet tutorial and you can find more inspiration on my DIY jewelry gallery.

diy dragonfly 10

Comments (2)

  • Kathy Roller

    March 20, 2015 at 5:40 PM

    This is the cutest necklace~ and I totally think I could make it! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Ama Ryllis

      March 23, 2015 at 11:06 AM

      Thanks Kathy! It’s really simple to do, and you can do it in different colors! Have fun making it!

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