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December 5, 2016Allison Murray
This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

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This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

So last month I got to check out Babbleboxx and I’ve got to tell you, I’m truly smitten. I don’t know who was more excited about this particular box, me or Rob, because we both wigged out a little. 

The theme for this box was hosting and toasting and we got to try a lot of new tasty foods that are great to have around for holiday guests AND I got something that has been on my wishlist and so did Rob, both of which will make our kitchen tasks a bit easier. Now how nifty is that?!? 


Want to see what all I got? Let’s check it out!

simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump & Lavender Soap

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

Now straight up I have wanted a simplehuman soap dispenser for, like, ever. It was even on my Christmas wishlist!

Why on earth would I get so excited about a soap dispenser? Well this guy is motion activated/touchless so you don’t which helps to prevent the spread of germs.  My dispenser came with lavender hand soap but you can also purchase dish soap, which I intend to do once this runs out.

But why did I specifically want a simplehuman soap dispenser? It’s rechargeable by USB and that charge can last up to THREE months. The device itself is stylish looking and it’s super easy to change out the soap.

What I didn’t know until I actually got my hands on a sensor pump is that the soap is foamy and smells ah-mazing. I’m currently on a lavender kick and it’s just lovely AND it works really well. I tend to wash my hands a lot when I’m stressed and what is more stressful than the holidays? :) I have found that the soap is doing really well in not drying out my hands even with washing them sometimes 15 or 20 times a day.

Want your own? I don’t blame you! You can snag your own simplehuman soap dispenser (and your choice of soap) right on over here.

Snack Factory® Original Pretzel Crisps®

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

Back in the days of my 9 to 5 I used to keep a bag of pretzels in my desk. Everybody knew those pretzels were there and everybody would come and ask for a handful from time to time. I always knew I loved pretzels but then I learned that pretty much everybody loves pretzels!

I also love chips but I don’t love the calories or the fat in them and I’m trying to be a bit better with my diet and weight. I guess that is why I am stoked about Snack Factory® Original Pretzel Crisps®. They are flat, so they’re like a chip (which makes dipping them super easy!) and they are verified Non-GMO contain no trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol. There are tons of flavors, both savory and sweet, like Sriracha Lime and Dark Chocolate Crunch, yum!

And if you’re gluten free, like me, you can still partake. Huzzah! You can find Pretzel Crisps in the deli section at grocery stores nationwide. You can also conveniently shop for Snack Factory Pretzel Chips online.

Sunsweet Pacific Tropicals

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

When I was a kid my Memaw from Ohio would visit with a bag of prunes in her luggage. She would treat me to one on occasion and I loved how sweet they were. To this day I almost always have a bag of Sunsweet prunes around because I LOVE them. They’re the perfect little sweet treat!

In fact, I love just about any dried fruit so I was really excited to see the Sunsweet logo peeking out of my Babbleboxx. Now I must admit my face screwed up at the idea of the Philippine Green Mango flavor because I worried they would be too bitter for me but they’ve got that awesome sweet and sour thing going on and I’m a HUGE fan of them! They’re perfectly chewy and I just know my mango loving family member will help me take a few bags out over the holidays!

I also got to try Thai Coconut and as a coconut lover I won’t turn down anything that has it, even in the smallest amount. That’s why it’s so surprising that it took me so long to try coconut chips. They’re light and crunchy and just a little sweet. 

Want to grab a few bags and save some cash? Get a $1 coupon for Sunsweet Tropicals here!

LaCroix Melon Pomelo  

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

I’ve got quite a few fizzy water drinkers. Rob is such a fan that even though we don’t know much Spanish we do know how to order him sparkling water around here. In case you’re wondering it is agua mineral!

Rob occasionally reaches for the flavored water and when he does he prefers a more natural taste. In comes the Melon Pomelo  La Croix with it’s cantaloupe and pink grapefruit sweet and tangy flavor and everybody’s happy.

La Croix is always 100% natural water that fizzes and sparkles without all of the sugar of sodas. It’s Non-GMO, Kosher, Paleo and Whole 30 friendly with no sodium, caffeine, calories, fat or sweeteners. So give your holiday guests a 100% innocent and totally tasty way to stay hydrated with La Croix!

Wild Garden Quick Marinade + Heat and Serve Pilaf 

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

We technically haven’t tried our Wild Garden Quick Marinade + Heat and Serve Pilaf  but that’s only because I needed to take pictures of it for this post! When Rob saw it he instantly said “we can have that for dinner!” You see, my Sweet Rob has become quite the home chef. I’m not going to lie, sometimes he gets very creative and pairs some herbs and seasonings together that I would never dream of and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What does work is the fact that I don’t have to cook dinner except for a couple nights a week… huzzah, am I right? :)

When Rob isn’t feeling overly creative he totally digs the convenience of pre-made marinades and sides he can just zap in the microwave. And since being Rob’s gal and he’s a major foodie who has lived all over, even Saudi Arabia, I have started to dig types of cuisine I didn’t even really know about. And so we’re both excited to bring some Mediterranean flavors to our supper table with ease.

Wild Garden offers 3 authentic marinades, including Shawarma, traditional Turkish and exotic Persian, that are so quick you only need to marinate your meat or chicken or tofu or what have you for ten minutes. And then you have the option of baking, pan frying, grilling or roasting your supper which is really convenient, too! 

There are also 3 tasty pilafs available that have over 13 spices and oils in them. Heat for a minute and a half and you’ve got a great side dish or a quick and easy meal or snack. Try Bulgur cooked in tomato sauce and herbs, Couscous with chickpeas or rice and lentils with caramelized onions, yum!

If you’re interested in offering up exotic fair at that is quick and easy during the holiday season, check out Wild Garden online and for help with recipes hit up their recipe section.

 Annie’s Homegrown Chicken Noodle

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

I love Annie’s as a brand because they are so, so good at providing gluten free options for those of use with Celiac Disease. And Rob loves all things organic so he digs their very tasty and wholesome foods. 

Annie’s offers a Certified Organic classic chicken noodle soup that has organic chicken, lots of egg noodles along with carrots and celery that equal 1/2 a cup per serving. There are no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives, yeast extract, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup or added MSG. Basically it’s just chock full of the good stuff.

With cold and flu season upon us you just might want to stock up on chicken noodle soup. And guess what? You can save $0.75 on any of Annie’s Organic Soups AND top your soup off with crackers, also with a $0.75 off coupon. Get those money saving coupons here!

Ella’s Kitchen The Red One Pouches

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

First off I think the name of this little smoothie beverage that is perfectly kid sized is the sweetest. I remember taking my nephews into the convenience store and letting them choose a drink of their choice and it never failed that they would call out the color rather than flavor :)

Ella’s Kitchen The Red One is far more healthy than almost all of the drinks we’d grab at the gas station. It’s a bunch of squished Certified Organic fruit like strawberries, raspberries, apples and bananas that is never watered down. Straight up, it’s just fruit in this tasty smoothie. And there’s also an equally tasting Ella’s Kitchen Strawberry Lemonade that is a mix of aloe water with organic strawberry, apple and lemon juice that is never, ever from concentrate.

So grab some tasty juice blends for the big kids and some smoothies for the itty bitties and every child at your holiday feast will be super happy!

Cookware & Co 10 inch Pan & Bamboo Turner

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

And finally we come to the item on Rob’s wishlist… The GreenPan Lima Ceramic Frying Pan (with a bamboo turner). Just about every time he sees a ceramic skillet at the store he says he needs it. Eventually phasing out our non-stick cookware is in the works by grabbing a piece here and there. 

This pan is pretty darn awesome and I really think it will stand the test of time, being a piece we can keep for years and years. The handle is stainless steel that is sturdy and comfortable to hold. And that metal handle, rather than plastic, means this pan can go from the stove to the oven easy as you please. That means we have one less thing to wash when we don’t have to transfer our food to a baking dish or cookie sheet to finish off. The pan itself is hard anodized aluminum keeping the heft of this guy to a minimum.

The TermolonTM ceramic coating is non-stick and professional grade an has no toxic chemicals like PFOA, PFAS, lead or cadmium (not that I know what the first two are but bad is bad :) The non-stick is so good that you can even use less oil when cooking and use less scrubbing effort to clean once dinner is done.

And guess what? You can WIN a 12-piece set worth $149.99. How cool is that? Just enter the sweepstakes by entering your email. You’ve got until 12/25/2016 to enter so hop on that!

This Hosting & Toasting Babbleboxx is the best one yet!

Thanks again to BabbleBoxx for sending us a complimentary box full of awesome, full sized samples! This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

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