Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

October 31, 2014Allison Murray
Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

Happy Halloween and welcome to the last costume in this quick and easy 2014 costume series! Now this one isn’t exactly child friendly as it references profanity but it’s great for adults! And it’s incredibly easy!

All you need is a white sheet and some creativity. Now my favorite sh*t sayings are holy shi*t and hot sh*t. I say them more than I probably should. Luckily they lend themselves very well to this costume. Dumb sh*t, as it turns out, not so great (think a ghost wearing a dunce cap – totally sends the wrong message). So think up your favorite, or if you’re a group think up several options and raid the linen closet!

For this costume you will need:

  • white sheet
  • black felt or construction paper (holy sheet)
  • red, yellow and orange paint  or construction paper (hot sheet)
  • safety pins (if using felt or paper)

Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

For this we just took a king size sheet and draped it over an adult body. Have somebody else mark for you where your eyes are on the sheet. Take that dot and pinch the fabric right there. Pull up and cut a straight line across about half an inch to an inch away from your pinched area. This will form you eye holes.

Next tack on your holes or your flames or paint them on and you’re pretty well done. This is by far the fastest Halloween costume we could possibly dream up! Start to finish this sucker took 10 minutes and uses things you already have! (if you don’t have a sheet check thrift stores for cheap deals!)

Now tell me, what kind of a sheet would you be?

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