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December 21, 2013Allison Murray

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The holidays tend to be pretty crazy with my family. I’ve already posted about it several times this year alone… We all cram ourselves into a house that normally accommodates a family of four and proceed to trash my sister’s house. Things can get super nuts when you’ve got than many people to feed. It’s not just Christmas supper we’re talking about here. There’s 3 meals a day for the 5-6 days we’re all together.

If you’ve never tried to feed that many people from one small kitchen, it gets stressful. Each and every meal needs to be planned out well with ingredients accounted for. Dietary restrictions need to be considered. In my family we’ve got to deal with picky eaters plus Celiac and diabetes to consider making things even more fun! Speaking of which, here’s a great article about dealing with the allergies of guests!


Earlier this week I got the text from my sister. Work up a meal plan and email her what needed to be purchased from the grocery store before we all descend on her hometown. I was pretty darn stoked when I went to the Bed Bath & Beyond Holiday Your Way and found that they had a bunch of recipes that look like total winners! Several of them are on my holiday meals plan including:

Hasselbeck Potatoes

Check out these Hasselback Potatoes with Manchego, Parmesan and Thyme. I’ve seen these on Pinterest a lot lately and really want to give them a go. Have I ever had Manchego before? Nope but that’s not going to stop me!

There are only a handful of us that prefer turkey over ham. Why make a gigantic turkey when we can have this insanely amazing looking Roasted Turkey Breast Wrapped in Bacon & Sage. Now I’m not a bacon nut at all but DANG!

But we need snacks, too!

When I first saw this Pumpkin Layer Dip with pumpkin butter I first passed by with a “meh”. But I found myself going back to it and now I’m super excited about trying this. The recipe is pretty far out of the norm for my family but we all love pumpkin pie so I’m thinking this will be a huge win. Plus, there’s more bacon for anyone who IS a bacon nut!

I love cranberries and I love nuts so these Sweet and Spicy Glazed Nuts with Cranberries look amazing. Like I’m trying not to get up an drive to the grocery store to make them tonight kind of good. Double dang!

And last of all, for Christmas morning.

These are simply called “Pop ‘Em In the Oven” and that’s really all there is to it! Normally on Christmas morning one of two things happens. My grandmother is trying to make breakfast after the gifts have been opened and there are terrible electronic toy noises and everyone laughing and being loud and generally getting in the way. OR my dad and I get sent up to the truck stop buffet to clean them out (it’s so embarrassing). I’ll simply Pop “em in the oven and none of that nonsense will be going down this Christmas morning!

But there are tons more Holiday Recipes to check out, plus all the goods you might need to prepare them are available at Bed Bath & Beyond

So get on over there and see all of the great tips, ideas and info about Holiday Entertaining over at Bed Bath & Beyond Holiday Your Way! And tell me, what is your best holiday recipe? I’m always looking for a new tasty dish!

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  • Allison

    December 21, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    As a quick update, I totally made those Sweet and Spicy glazed nuts last night and they are Ah-mazing!

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