Holiday Bow Wreath at Mom Spark!

December 10, 2013Allison Murray
Holiday Bow Wreath at Mom Spark!

Holiday Bow Wreath at Mom Spark!

Every time I see a bag of multicolored Christmas bows I think of my Poppa. When I was little, come Christmas at Mimmie and Poppa’s house we had an assembly line of sorts for decorating the Christmas presents. Now Mimmie didn’t overly care about it, but she knew I did so she would take the time to wrap each and every gift. My job was to write out the gift tags and stick the bows on.

Some packages would have one big bow in the center, some would have two bows in the corner. I didn’t just slap them on, I would be very thoughtful about it. Would I cover up the pattern too much by placing it here? Does this big package need one big bow, or a whole mess of little ones? I think it took me just as long to affix the bows as it did for Mimmie to wrap each. I always saved the occasional blue bow for my own packages because I loved them so much, but nobody ever called me on it :)

Poppa would take his time putting the gifts in the corner of the room, making sure that each present was stacked in such a way that it wouldn’t crush the bows on the gifts just below it. He put great pains to make sure every gift handed out would have a beautiful, puffy bow on top. When the day came to open presents, Poppa would put his bows in my hair and I’d wear them around until they fell off on their own.

But I’ve gotten off subject… isn’t that an adorable holiday bow wreath? Want to make your own? The full tutorial is over at Mom Spark so check it out! Holiday bow wreath tutorial.

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  • Stephanie

    December 10, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    I love this idea!

  • Aurelia Eglantine

    December 15, 2013 at 11:23 AM

    This is such a cute project!!! I always save the leftover bows each Christmas and have a huge bag of them in my closet – most of them have lost their sticky tags, so they’d be perfect for hot gluing :) Time is getting short this year but this is definitely on my Wish List for next year! So bright and cheerful. And what a lovely way to remember your Grandparents too ;)

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