Designed to be Forgotten

June 10, 2015Allison Murray
Clive is the poor, dutiful TP holder that sees and knows it all. #HelpMeForget #ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quilted Northern for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Clive is the poor, dutiful TP holder that sees and knows it all. #HelpMeForget #ad

I have a refined palate for all things gaudy and sometimes even gauche. And that’s how my lovely (to me) Clive came to be. I spied a duck toilet paper holder placed in between the housewares and hunting section. Actually there were several including a bear and a deer but the duck really spoke to me. I realized that these were set out in the perfect position to catch rednecks… product placement genius. But since I’m hardly redneck and more an elegant hillbilly I had to give my TP holder a fresh coat of gold and a name. Clive, named after an actor I will not name here, was born that day and put into service quickly after.

And then I started to see these Quilted Northern Designed to be Forgotten videos, directed by Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller that are hilarious btdub…


And it dawned on me… I have a bathroom object much like Daddy Gator and Conductor Randy. Yes, my poor dutiful Clive has a particularly dirty job. Placed in the bathroom, right across from the toilet, Clive sees things that most eyeballs should not have to witness.

Clive is the poor, dutiful TP holder that sees and knows it all. #HelpMeForget #ad

This room has seen some quite a few atrocities. The time a pair of little boy’s underwear was flushed down the commode and fished out… that’s something we’d all like to scrape away from our eyeballs. The time my nose decided to explode after a shower and I got blood everywhere because I wigged hardcore… seriously looked like a crime scene. And last, but not least my dad. Naked. Nobody got time for that :)

And Clive has been there through it all watching and waiting for the moment when his services are needed. Just like those funny videos, Quilted Northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience, but poor, dutiful Clive can never forget. #HelpMeForget

Clive is the poor, dutiful TP holder that sees and knows it all. #HelpMeForget #ad

To keep up with all things TP and funny TP videos, check out Quilted Northern on  Facebook and YouTube. And let me know… do you have a bathroom item that, like my Clive, will never be able to forget?

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Comments (4)

  • Eileen Parker

    June 13, 2015 at 3:52 PM

    I love your duck. I am not a duck person, but I do love cats. So I have a cat brush holder in our bathroom.
    That is what makes the world go around. Thanks for the post it is so cute
    Eileen Parker

  • Mike

    June 13, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    Hahahaha! Clive is cool! I wish I could say that I had such an awesome TP holder in my bathroom, but sadly, I do not. But you know what I’d like to have? One of those “Please Wait To Be Seated” signs. I saw one of those in a restroom before and for some reason, it struck me as funny. :) It’s stupid, I know, but I sort of like weird humor like that. :)
    I keep my bathroom extremely clean, as I’m very particular about that (I don’t even like hair on the floor; it creeps me out, no joke). But as far as bathrooms go, it’s pretty plain.

    1. Allison Murray

      June 13, 2015 at 9:16 PM

      Clean is good!That’s the absolute best quality a bathroom can have if you ask me. And that sign? It sounds genius to me. So cute :)

      1. Mike

        June 14, 2015 at 3:09 PM

        Yes! Just call me Felix Ungar, the overbearing neat-freak from one of my favorite films, The Odd Couple, albeit I’m no where near as persistent about cleaning as he was. I just like a neat living space. :)
        Thanks! And you know what made it funny for me? If I recall correctly, the sign had a picture of Alfred E. Neuman (the iconic boy on the cover of the MAD magazines for those who don’t know who that is) on it, pointing upward. I was like, “that is so perfect!”. It just seemed to fit to have him on that sign. :)

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