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January 3, 2016Allison Murray
Download the free pattern to make your own handmade tattoo embroidery piece!

Download the free pattern to make your own handmade tattoo embroidery piece!

Moving so far away from family means absolutely heinous car trips home. So far Rob and I haven’t been able to make the journey without at least one stopover either at my parents’ house or a hotel. To make things slightly more bearable we trade off drivers every 1.5-2.5 hours and are pretty dang chatty.

One of the things that I do is work. To this day I still think it’s pretty dang awesome that I can “work” by stitching up silly things like fists made to look like they bear the tattoo “handmade”. So that’s what I did! My first go I actually screwed up and made them say “homemade” and after I finished the left hand I was like : eye roll, profanity, tossing across the car, sulking, in that particular order :)

When I got over being irritated about the whole thing I started over. I think that part of my bad attitude came from having already been in the car almost a full day and the fact that the light was starting to dwindle meaning I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands busy any longer. But in the end I finished it up, and terribly proud of myself posted that bidness to Instagram immediately.

Stitching in the car! I’ll draw up a pattern to share on the blog soon. The best gifts are handmade! ;)

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Seriously instantly. Last stitch, snap, try for a witty comment, submit! I hadn’t even tied off my floss! Today I’m sharing with you the very simple pattern. It’s nothing fancy because I did this in the car. To save time I just scanned in the piece and made it black and white. It will work like a pattern it’s just not as clean as a normal one. Perhaps things will settle down soon. And maybe I’ll sleep and totally forget about it. Only time will tell ;)

Download the free pattern to make your own handmade tattoo embroidery piece!

You can use a transfer pencil. The pencil should wash out leaving no trace of your design on the fabric prior to stitching. You can use a Sulky transfer marker which is awesome but permanent. It’s super cool, though because you draw on paper, iron onto fabric, bing, bang, boom. But again, that line will always be on that fabric. No problem if you stitch perfectly but I often don’t. Lastly you can trace onto the fabric using a lightbox, or the poor man’s light box… a window :) Just tape your paper to a window with strong natural light behind it and then tape your fabric on top. I use either a super fine sharpie (if it will NEVER be washed) or a pencil for things that will hit water some day. I prefer the sharpie as it’s easier to see but I often use the pencil so I don’t have to worry about my ink bleeding some day.

Download the free pattern to make your own handmade tattoo embroidery piece!

I can think of a gazillion fun uses for this and I think I might actually stitch it onto a few kitchen towels in different colors! Or maybe I won’t. I’m getting more and more fickle with each passing year, I think!

Whether I use it again or not, it doesn’t diminish how awesome I think this turned out and I’m super happy that a terrible car ride was at least a little bit productive :)

Download the free pattern to make your own handmade tattoo embroidery piece!

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  • Mike

    January 3, 2016 at 7:38 PM

    This is super cool Allison! I like the design that goes with the words you used, “Hand Made”. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but think of either Superman or Captain America when I see those fists facing me. I’m not a superhero fan or anything, but I’ve seen those two iconic figures strike that pose, which shows them with their fists out like that. :)

    But anyway, this is really awesome Allison! And what’s even more awesome is that you did this while in the car?! I just can’t get over how talented you are! :) This came out really great!

    And I totally hear ya about the being frustrated when things don’t come out the way I want. I pretty much display the same actions that you listed (the eye roll along with the huge sigh, profanity [though I keep that part in my head], throwing it aside and then beefing to myself that I suck). So I’m like in total frustration mode when I get like this. And usually what helps me get out of that deep funk is a good dose of classical music that I put on, journaling (though this has been less of a stress reliever for me lately), reading something funny like a graphic novel or watching a favorite show, and in a rare case for me, playing a quick game of Fortune Street on my iPod and milking my A.I. competitors of all their money, which I have gotten pretty good at actually. ;)

    But then I always manage to pull myself back up and pick up my materials and start again and feel better after stepping away from whatever project that I’m working on. So no frets Allison. I think we all hit that “wall” every now and then. The important thing is to keep working at it until we get it. And you have clearly done that with this latest project. Great job! :)

    By the way, I’m so happy that you got your blog up and running again! Yay! :)

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