Hand Drawn Oxford Sneakers Tutorial

January 11, 2015Allison Murray
Hand Drawn Oxford Sneakers Tutorial!

Hand Drawn Oxford Sneakers Tutorial!

Have you ever seen something and wanted it so badly? Like badly enough to pay full price?

I rarely experience that kind of desire for something. I’m patient and I can wait for things to go on sale. And if it happens to sell out or whatever before I find it on sale, well, that’s just too bad. And guess what? I’ll live.Hand Drawn Oxford Sneakers Tutorial!

But I saw a pair of shoes on Pinterest that were Vans and had oxford markings that looked like they were drawn on. I thought the whole thing was genius! But I couldn’t find them to buy anywhere. And I looked for several  months if not a year.

So I printed off that pic I had saved to Pinterest and stared at them and I decided that they were just too perfect to actually have been done by hand. Or if they were, this was an insanely talented shoe artist who did them. Since they couldn’t be found, I went the route I always seem to anyway, DIY.

Hand Drawn Oxford Sneakers Tutorial!

The plus about making my own is the fact that I have narrow feet. And in slip on Vans I normally have my foot shifting and moving in a most uncomfortable way. I was able to buy a pair of more narrow canvas slip ons from Walmart for around $5 and they fit me better. All that was left was to bust out my Tulip Fashion Markers and get after it.

Though it may look intimidating, this is just about drawing basic things. There are zigzags and lines and dots but not much more than that, really. So even if your drawing skills aren’t masterpiece worthy, you can still rock these super cute Hand Drawn Faux Oxford Slip Ons. Get the full tutorial at iLoveToCreate!

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  • lynette wykes

    January 11, 2015 at 2:25 PM

    Very clever and beautifully done.

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