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August 12, 2015Allison Murray


Everybody knows I love my kitties. We don’t need to go into it yet again, although I kind of sort of do just about every day! I try to give them the best toys, food and of course attention that I can!

With moving states and travelling to look at houses and fixing up other houses and taking care of everything I have needed to these past few months they haven’t had it quite as good as they have in the past. Don’t get me wrong, they have it better than a ton of cats out there but there have been no new handmade toys or hours spent playing and loving on.



An easy thing to do is to make sure they get awesome tasting food and treats. They get distilled water, wet food every day and good for them kibble. We’ve recently tried out Purina® Beyond® Natural Grain Free Cat Food. Max was the first to get the good stuff.

Max is digging this only cat business. He will be one of four again in Monday though :)

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After refusing to get into his crate and tearing up the entire house freaking out by running around yowling and growling he wound up hanging out in Oklahoma a few more weeks while the 3 other kitties made their new home in Texas. Max absolutely loved that he was the only kitty and he made the most of it. Since he was the only cat around and we ran out of food, I grabbed a tiny bag of the good stuff. Largely because the food was grain free and therefore gluten free (I’m Celiac and can’t touch the food and no, I don’t eat cat food, I seriously shouldn’t touch it).


And since the summer is wrapping up and I’ve been far too wrapped up in my own life my Momma and I headed up to my sister’s house to spend one full week with the boys before school starts. We’re swimming in pools, we’re planning on going to the creek and generally going to have a simple but really good time together.

My father stayed behind home and is watching all 4 of my kitties for me. So when I texted him to ask if he could grab some Purina Beyond Natural Cat Food from HEB for the cats he went out and did it. And then when I asked him to take pics of the kitties enjoying their tasty new food but he had a couple of issues.


Daddy sent me 26 pictures total and after this one a text “Cats are not cooperating. Recommendations please.” My response was “it helps to take some food out. Maybe in a bowl or on a table or something”. A slew of more images came through, these times lettered for reference as the numbers were getting pretty high at this point.

I had to smile when I got my pics on my phone because he tried so hard and it was really appreciated. It also felt good because when I try to explain my job to people and that it can be difficult and sometimes frustrating I get the “oh, you get to work from home and make crafts all day and you want to act like your life isn’t perfect and easy” look.

Found a picture of baby Max. I can’t even!!!

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There’s a reason why they say “like herding cats”. :) It’s not the easiest thing to get them together and snap decent looking pics of them. In the end our conversation went “I can go to Goodwill and see if they have a stuffed cat.” I responded with a smiley and got back “is that a yes to the stuffed cat?” :)

So while I’m away I know that my kitties are well taken care of. My dad is doing his best to make sure they are happy and well fed so I can enjoy my time with my family. Because my kitties are such a high priority in my life and he knows it. Ever since that Max was a little bitty peanut under my guest bed I knew that I was going to give him, his sisters and brother the best I could possibly do and I feel good giving them Purina® Beyond®. If you want to feel good feeding your kitties, too, head on out to HEB and grab  them a bag or two of the good stuff! And save with a coupon on your purchase!

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