Gorgeous Yet Simple Gumdrop Ornaments at Mom Spark!

November 26, 2013Allison Murray

Goody, goody gum drops Christmas ornaments!

Now I’d say for the most part I’m not often proud of myself. That’s not to say that I don’t think that I’m an awesome person who makes awesome things, because I’m rocking quite a bit of self confidence :) but I also know that not everything I do is full on AMAZING. And that’s okay because you can be self confident and realistic at the same time.

And sometimes when something amazing happens and you put this thing and that thing together you get something amazingly wonderful and I think that these gumdrop ornaments over at Mom Spark along with last week’s gumdrop wreath turned out so stunningly, amazingly well that they’re AMAZING. Even if my Momma did get a bit faux upset “we let you pick out candy!!!” it was worth it :)

Yep, when I started playing around with candy and holiday decor I had the hardest time not saying, darn the hot glue I’m going to eat this sweet stuff what a waste to tack it onto some Styrofoam! But in the end, I’m so happy with my gumdrop creations. So head on over to Mom Spark to see one of probably, the simplest tutorials I’ve ever created, Gumdrop Ornaments!

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