Golden Bear Toilet Paper Holder & I Suck at Sneaky

December 28, 2013Allison Murray


I suck at sneaky. Really, really badly. And during the holidays, well, that is the worst time to be bad at keeping secrets.

You see earlier this month I made myself a golden goose TP holder and shared it here on the blog. But the thing is, it isn’t the only TP holder I painted gold. Nope, it just so happened that I also made a golden bear for my sister for Christmas. Check him out! Isn’t he super handsome?


The week before the post went live I told my sister that she couldn’t go to the blog the next week or she’d know what she got for Christmas. Then I realized the day before the post went live that she’d forget and go and see it and the whole thing would click about how I told her she shouldn’t go to the blog. My warning would turn into what told her for sure that’s what she was getting for Christmas. Crap.

Now I’m also really bad at lying. Like it’s a thing. Whenever there is something big and serious going on in the family we have to work out how to get around me lying or the jig’ll be up. As further proof, there are a whole handful of people who will bide their time about some things until they see me in person to smack a whammy on me and ask me a question they want to know is the truth or not. When they see my face, they know. And oftentimes I’m not informed so that I don’t give things up and then I’m just like “huh?” and they know that way, too. Yep, I’m the family reverse lie detector or something.


So I call my sister and say “Crap! That thing I needed to make for your Christmas present still isn’t here! I guess you can go ahead and view the blog I’m not going to be able to post this thing until after Christmas. Stupid UPS!” To be honest, I don’t know if she believed me or not, but I got this text the day the Golden Goose went live: “I didn’t even know they made animal TP holders but I’m glad they do.” And I knew that she was going to love her DIY gift!

Want to know how to make your own? Check out the tutorial here!

Oh, and you can get the bear here or the duck here!

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