Gold Lace Flats Tutorial at The Thinking Closet!

March 18, 2013Allison Murray

Gold Lace Flats at Dream a Little Bigger

You’ve seen a pair of gold kicks on here before. They were an awesome pair of 24K sneakers that I loved, but fit me awkwardly. The plan had been to give the shoes to my sister because she didn’t get the “freaky narrow feet” issue that I somehow managed to inheirit. But when the time came to put them in the bag with all of the other made over shoes I was carrying down to her, I couldn’t do it. They say when you love something, set it free. Well, that wasn’t happening no way, no how.

So I wear those suckers with pride and I walk a little funny because with each step my foot shimmies and shakes in all of the extra width. But guess what, I do it out of love.

So when I saw these shoes, I knew exactly what they needed… A Bollywood makeover! These newly gold kicks remind me of fun Bollywood dance numbers and believe me when I say that I acted out a few numbers when these babies were ready to wear.

I’m so excited today to be sending y’all over to my bloggy pal Lauren’s space on the web, The Thinking Closet, for to get the DIY for these shoes! Lauren is a very talented lady who shares my passion for blogging and crafting. It only seems right that we partner up and swap posts! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Thinking Closet for the full DIY!

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