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February 28, 2014Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post by Foodie.com. I was compensated for my time to participate.

So, are you a pie or a cake person? I’m split right down the middle. I feel very strongly that there’s a time for cake and there’s a time for pie. And now is a time for pie!

I’ve been doing the gluten free thing for just over 2 years. In that time I haven’t knowingly eaten anything to contain wheat or gluten in it. And in that time advances in GF baking have really been pretty darn amazing. I remember my first bite of gluten free pie that was $16 and about half the size of a normal pie you’d make at home. And this may seem pathetic, but I cried. Cherry pie was one of those things that I fondly thought of after a trip to visit family in California, picking ripe cherries at an orchard and making a pie the moment we got home. But this, awful thing in front of me, well it tasted an awful lot like beans and cherries. What I didn’t know at the time was some commercially made GF items used garbanzo and/or fava bean flours. It was a disgusting plate of very expensive yuck.


But these days there are recipes to make some totally AMAZING gluten free pies. I’m talking other people can tell there is a little something different, but they don’t recoil with a “that’s nasty!” Because sometimes you want to sit down after supper with company and have a cup of something hot and a slice of pie with ice cream. You don’t want to be the one that sits with your hot cup of something watching everybody chow down on a slice of pie a la mode pretending like you don’t care. These are all gluten free (except one that is naturally gluten free except for the crust which can easily be substituted) so that EVERYONE GETS PIE!

I’d love if you’d check out my new, but still growing gluten free pie collection at Foodie!

This is a sponsored post by Foodie.com. I was compensated for my time to participate.

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