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October 3, 2016Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oberto®. All opinions are entirely my own.


When I’m not indoors making things I’m often outdoors checking out hiking trails. Or, if I’m really lucky riding my bicycle. While I don’t even own a pair of binoculars I’m also quite into seeing pretty birds, which as it turns out is a pretty easy feat here in South Texas. I’ve been told that people come from all over the world just to go birding in this region. Isn’t that pretty cool?

To take advantage of the ideal outdoors situation Rob and I have an annual pass to 2 of the local wildlife refuges and we go fairly frequently. Now I can’t tell you what or why but for some reason we got a wild hair to go and get some air and stretch our legs when the heat index was 107 degrees. Maybe it’s because we’re geniuses. Yeah, that has to be it. In the end I think we actually spent more time driving out to the park than we did actually hiking any of the trails :)


Even though it was hot we still saw some really nifty birds. At one point there were 5 green jays just hanging out and doing their thing. Have you ever heard of a green jay? They’re beautiful, green and blue and they are very playful. You can find them from Southern Texas to the Honduras. Spotting one, let alone several is always a real treat.


As we tooled around the park we found a nice place to just hang out and have a quick snack. I know I’ve told you before that I’m gluten free and not by choice but I’ll fill you in on it again. Many years ago now, to the point that I can’t really remember how long ago, I tested positive for Celiac disease. I was in the works of getting set up for my first home business baking cakes and pies and whatnot for special occasions. But as soon as I found out I could no longer taste test my own recipes for the gluten inside of them, that whole thing sort of fell right apart.

Since then I’ve been trying just about anything new and gluten free that hits the market hoping to get back a taste of the foods I enjoyed. I’m not going to act like I didn’t cry the first time I had a decent piece of bread after five or so years because I did.


Beef jerky has pretty much been off the snacking menu for me because most recipes contain soy sauce, which, surprisingly almost always contains wheat. Isn’t that crazy? Look on the bottle of soy sauce on the table the next time you hit up a Chinese restaurant and I bet you wheat is the second ingredient, above even soy! So when I got an email about Oberto making a gluten free beef jerky I instantly wanted to know how I could get my hands on a bag.

As it turns out it’s at Walmart which is just perfect because I go there a bazillion times a month! On my ritual tour of the gluten free aisle to pick up my staples and see what’s new I noticed right on the bottom shelf a bag of all-natural, preservative free, gluten free, Oberto All Natural Original Beef Jerky.


The bag is conveniently packed with 6 snack-size bags inside that are perfect for when you need a quick pick me up or a tasty protein snack. They’re the perfect size to toss in your purse and fit in a hiking pack, too! After we did a little bit of walking (because it was too stinking hot to do much more than that) we went up to our shady lookout and busted out our quick snack.

p.s. on a side note CAN YOU BELIEVE they made rainbow sneakers in sizes bigger than for little girls? You know when I saw those suckers, and I needed them and they fit my ladies’ size nine feet!

But back to snackin’!


Because I know the brand Oberto I’m confident that I’m getting a truly gluten free beef jerky snack and I totally dig the simple ingredients used. Each pouch has some seriously tasty, soft bits of jerky that make a great snack for me, especially when I’m on the go.

If you’re looking for another gluten free staple to keep in the snack drawer you should definitely check out Oberto® All Natural Original Beef Jerky (Multi-Pack) on your next trip to Walmart. Find out more about Oberto snacks here!



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