Glitter Coffee Mug Craft Tutorial at Mom Spark

August 24, 2013Allison Murray

DIY glitter coffee mug tutorial

Why would I make some very girly glitter coffee mugs? Well, I used to be teased about my pretty pink dinnerware but I didn’t care one little bit. I’m girly, I like pink and my dinnerware perfectly matched my lavender kitchen and dining room. So I figured that everyone could suck it up and enjoy my freaking awesome mashed potatoes which would keep their mouths shut. ..but in a nicer way than that.

But I’m redoing my kitchen and dining area into Cubist’s dream with primary colors so my pink dishes have been boxed up lovingly and placed in the garage. While I’m on this red, yellow and blue kick right now, I’ll go back to my pretty pinkies… I always do!

So all of my coffee mugs are tucked away in a box in the garage that I just don’t have the heart to dig through. So instead I made some new one that call to my other design sensibilities. GLITTER – and gold glitter at that! And guess what, my glitter coffee mugs absolutely gorgeous and I love them just as much as my little dainty pink ones.

Want to learn how to make your own? They’re top rack dishwasher safe!!! Check out the craft DIY tutorial at Mom Spark – DIY Glittery Gold Coffee Mugs Craft.

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