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June 16, 2016Allison Murray
Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

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Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

For about a year Ollie was an only child. Well, dog-wise. He had 4 kitty cat siblings he would clean and love on but they didn’t provide much play for him. So that meant I was his playmate and he wanted to play all. of. the. time. I had gotten him from an animal shelter and he was sad and quiet and very timid in the very beginning. The first few days he would lay down with his head hung down but I could tell there was something there that connected the two of us. It’s why I was the first person he interacted with (he even started to bark and wig out when I walked past his enclosure at the shelter).

Since I work from home Ollie and I have always had a lot of quality time and though at first he seemed scared, it really didn’t take too long before he realized that we were buds. When he decided he was comfortable with me I have to say his new energy level kind of took me by surprise. I had a much older gal, Aggie, and in her later years she was more of a “lay on the floor and rub my belly” kind of an activity level and now I suddenly had a “if you don’t play with me NOW I’m going to run up and down the hall barking my head off scaring the cats half to death” kind of activity level to deal with. Things like having a perfectly clean house took a backseat to making sure my new pup was happy, healthy and adjusting well to his new life in his new forever home.


I can’t say that it wasn’t a blast because it totally was. Watching Ollie come out of his shell was nothing short of amazing. I have this thing I do with dogs I’ve taken in that have obviously been abused and people look at me like I’m a little nuts. Maybe I am. I don’t know Karate but I’ve seen enough Kung Fu movies to know how to Karate chop! When play really gets going and the initial fears disappear in the fun being had, I’ll pretend like I’m chopping and after a while I bring my legs into the play and before long I have a pup who never, ever flinches when I reach down to rub their head.

Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

Ollie being an only boy was a bit exhausting for me. So when Rob and I moved in together and we got Carly I was SO EXCITED because I love having dogs in pairs and I just knew that a friend was exactly what Ollie needed. and look at that pic above… so many of her photos are blurry because she doesn’t quit moving. AAAND once again we’re dealing with a messy house spending more time playing that sweeping. Obviously :) Zoooooom! Look at that blur go!

It took a while for Ollie to warm up to Carly and there was a big adjustment period where either Rob or I needed to be near because it seemed as though he hated her. Womp, womp. But within about a week these two were bosom buddies. You mess with Carly and you mess with Ollie. He’s her giant. She’s his girl.

With a new puppy came puppy food and Ollie went from being in amazing physical shape to being a bit pudgier than we’d like. Why you might ask with all of this playing going down how could he possibly gain weight? Mr. Man was stealing Carly’s puppy food which has tons of fat. Ollie was in great condition pre-baby dog hanging around but after a few weeks of finishing off her bowls, or stealing it altogether, he gained a little more jiggle in his wiggle.

Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

Is it cute? Heck, yes. People give him the biggest smile when he walks down the road with his thick middle going this way and that. But we selfishly want Ollie healthy so we can have him around as long as possible. Plus he just plain deserves to have a good, healthy life. Nowadays when he and Carly play he’s most often laying down because he’s not at his peak. So we figured that maybe the answer to keeping Ollie away from Carly’s food was to find something he loves enough that he stays at his bowl while Carly stays at hers. And luckily we’ve found that in Iams quality dog food .

Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

Currently Ollie is still a bit of a chunky butt but we’re on the right track. He’s seems to be doing better energy-wise and he’s constantly getting into tons of mischief with his gal Carly. At first we noticed he was still laying down through most of playing but he’s running around a bit more here lately and getting more involved in their little games.

It’s not just about good food so we’ve also gotten a plan together where we can walk him daily. I mean, Ollie might be the “adult” of the 2 of them but he’s barely past 2 years himself. Laying about and acting like an old man of a guy isn’t cool. We need to pep that pup up!

A few weeks into the swap we’re happy that he’s slimming down a bit and that he seems to have more energy. In the coming weeks I’m sure we’ll notice even more Iams Visible Differences but right now, the big reason – Ollie digs his new food enough to finish it off and leave Carly to her high fat puppy food. Things are looking up and we couldn’t be happier!

Iams is helping Ollie get healthy and back in shape.

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