Free Vintage Mother Tattoo Stocking Pattern!

December 19, 2013Allison Murray
Vintage Mother Felt Stocking Pattern for Tattooed Martha by

Vintage Mother Felt Stocking Pattern for Tattooed Martha by

So earlier today I shared with you an interview with one of my fave bloggers Sasha from Tattooed Martha which I hope you read and enjoyed immensely. It turns out that Sasha and I had a very similar idea at just about the same time. I wanted to interview her about her cookery genius and she wanted me to do a craft project for her. I was more than happy to comply and it seems like fate that I just so happened to be working on creating a vintage tattoo mother stocking pattern the night before. The NIGHT before, people. If that’s not fate I don’t know what is. I mean, what’s a better craft project for Miss Tattooed Martha herself than a tattooed Christmas stocking?!

Felt stockings are cheap and easy to create making them fantastic handmade gifts. Seriously.For about 2 hours effort and $2 worth of felt you hand over something that is incredibly personalized. I’ve never given a stocking that hasn’t been incredibly well received. So head on over and check out this fantastic free pattern to make your own Vintage Mother Tattoo stocking OR using the font that is linked to a tattoo stocking that says anything you please!

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